Greenwood rezoning defeated

Published on January 26, 2013
Kings County News

A proposed rezoning for two Greenwood properties that would have seen the land re-designated residential one and two Unit (R2) from light industrial commercial (M1) has been defeated.

Council defeated a motion to give second reading to the application from Russell Bowlby at the Jan. 8 session.

On Dec. 18, Bowlby brought a copy of a 1990 planning advisory committee report to the attention of Warden Diana Brothers and staff. Staff has reviewed the report and the original municipal file and is now able to clarify the history of the property zoning. However, staff’s opinion is that the information brought forward by Bowlby doesn’t constitute new or relevant information. It clarifies the evolution of zoning in the area, but staff felt this has no new bearing on whether or not the current application is consistent with the intent of the Municipal Planning Strategy.

In 1990, Bowlby sold a number of lots along the south side of Bowlby Park Drive, which were developed in accordance with setback requirements for industrial uses abutting other industrial-zoned properties. Zoning boundaries at the time didn’t correspond with property boundaries. In this case, the industrial zone extended beyond the property boundaries, accounting for a discrepancy.

When zoning boundaries were amended, these industrial uses became non-conforming because the properties now abut residentially-zoned properties. Bowlby’s remaining unsold properties are undeveloped and are subject to current requirements of the light industrial commercial zone.