MacKennan's Kingston connection

Nancy Kelly
Published on May 12, 2010


Kings County Advertiser/Register

In March 2008, Bill MacKennan augmented his employment with Kings County with a “contractual” position with the Village of Kingston to fill the void left by Kelly Rice, terminated as clerk-treasurer in February 2008. 

MacKennan served in this capacity for close to a year-and-a-half, providing administrative guidance to village staff and commissioners and attending monthly commission meetings.  In September 2009, he took a leave of absence from his position at the county to pursue an out-of-province employment opportunity he had accepted the month before, in August.

Kingston’s current clerk-treasurer, Greg Towne, says MacKennan’s position with the village was carried out “separately, on his own and with the blessing of (Kings) County.” When pressed for details of the financial arrangement that existed between the village and MacKennan during his 15-month tenure, Towne cited a need to confer with legal counsel.  A written request was been submitted to Towne’s attention to learn whether the village and/ or the County of Kings paid MacKennan’s remuneration. Towne confirmed later that day MacKennan billed the village only for his services.

As for Rice, after her departure from the village, she filed a lawsuit against Kingston.  The case is still in litigation. She is now the clerk for the Village of Lawrencetown in Annapolis County.