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New vocal troupe teaching theatre, music to Liverpool kids

Learning to love music

LIVERPOOL, NS - Youth in Liverpool are getting the chance to learn how fun music is thanks to a new series of classes created by Ashley Goodwin.

The Vocal Troupe Jr Class is a half-hour music and movement class for ages four to six years old while the Vocal Troupe class is aimed towards ages seven to 12 years.

Although both classes have a slightly different focus, the end result will be a combined Christmas pageant on Dec. 16 at The Astor Theatre.

In the Vocal Troupe Jr class, Goodwin says they open with a theatre game, do a vocal warm up and sing lots of different songs with actions.

“This group is tailored to younger students, so the songs are quite silly and energetic,” she says.

The older students work exclusively on the Astor Theatre Stage to prepare for the Christmas pageant, while working on character development for each song, blocking, choreography and stage presence.

Goodwin says the Christmas pageant teaches children how to prepare for a theatrical performance on a big stage with a large audience and how to have fun doing so.

These vocal troupe classes are filling a void with the community, helping to instil a love of music in these youth.

The children involved in these troupes have also expressed interest in participating in the annual Queens County Music Festival, says Goodwin.

“Due to the high level of interest in vocal lessons and the low number of teachers in our area,” she says, “having a large vocal group allows more children access to music and stage time.”

The fall vocal troupe classes are now full, but anyone interested in finding out about the winter term can contact Ashley Goodwin directly at

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