Scenic photos of Kings County on exhibit in Wolfville

Wendy Elliott
Published on February 7, 2015

WOLFVILLE - Kings County has some great scenic photographers, and currently, their work is on display.

The Wolfville Memorial Library is featuring a selection of Wolfville photographer Chris Sheppard’s favourite prints.

All the photographs are of local scenes, such as the Gaspereau Ravine and the Cape Split shoreline. They are on display until mid-February.

Sheppard says he is a self-taught photographer.

A few years ago, he began to see taking pictures “as an extension of my hiking, exploring and rock hounding. It has since become a passion, a way for me to express myself and share my experiences with others.”

Sheppard grew up in Kings County, studied theatre at Acadia, and went on to study in New York.

“After a few years working in theatre and film, I became a full-time pastry chef. Leaving city life and the culinary world behind, I moved back to the Valley to raise a family.”

Today, Sheppard has a career as a counselor and instructor at the Flowercart in New Minas, where he works with adults who have an intellectual disability.

When he is not working or hanging out with his two daughters - Alma, five and Bridgitte, two – he’s out on photographic adventures and sharing them through the Fundy Rocks Facebook page and his blog, he says.

Photography can be a powerful form of communication, Sheppard believes.

“For me, (it’s) a great means to express myself creatively. My goal is to convey my thoughts and feelings about these scenes in nature, many of them close to my home in Wolfville and to share them as images,” he said.

“For me, making photographs involves finding the delicate balance between the analytical, technical side of working with my camera and my emotional response to the scene.”

He like to capture images of what excites him and what he’s enthusiastic about.

“Many of my personal favourite photographs are the result of careful planning,” he added.

Sheppard says he studies the weather and tides so he can “visualize how many of my favourite locations will look under certain conditions. I appreciate the qualities of natural light and always try to capture a scene with the most interesting light, a strong composition and thoughtful selection of focal length.” All of his images are single exposure captures using a tripod and edited from raw digital negatives. He uses a Nikon DSLR and Nikkor lenses.

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