Nova Scotians can apply now for deer hunting stamp

Published on August 6, 2014

Deer zones

©Department of Natural Resources

Nova Scotia hunters can apply now for an antlerless deer hunting stamp for this fall's hunting season.

There are 5,800 antlerless deer stamps available. Controlling the number of does taken is a major part of managing the deer population in Nova Scotia, the department of natural resources says.

Hunters can apply online at and a non-refundable application fee of $7.83, plus HST, will be charged to the applicant's credit card. A 24-hour phone line, 1-900-565-DEER (3337), is also available with fees charged to the applicant's phone bill. Only landlines, not cellphones, can be used. Applications are open until midnight on Aug. 29.

A computerized random draw will take place Aug. 30. Results will be available Sept. 3 on the department website.

There are 12 zones across the province and the number of antlerless stamps available for each is based mainly on deer population trends. Applicants should know the zone boundaries before applying.

In zones 102, 105, 107, 108 and 109, hunters may harvest one deer of either sex with just a regular hunting licence. A limited number of antlerless stamps are available in zones 101, 103, 104, 106 and 110. None are available in zones 111 and 112, both in Cape Breton. 

An antlerless deer stamp must be attached to a hunting licence to be valid.

Hunters who do not apply, or are not selected in the draw, can still hunt deer with antlers extending at least 7.62 centimetres (three inches) from the deer's head, where hunting is permitted.

Draw information is available at Department of Natural Resources offices or on the department website.