Ceremony of the Flags at Fort Anne

Hundreds at parade grounds to watch HMCS Acadia cadets

Lawrence Powell editor@annapolisspectator.ca
Published on August 5, 2014

Cadets from HMCS Acadia Sea Cadet Summer Training Centre performed an historic Ceremony of the Flags inside the Fort Anne National Historic Site, Annapolis Royal on Sunday as part of the Annapolis and District Natal Day Weekend Celebrations.

About 200 cadets took part in the ceremony which included a military marching band, as well as small arms and cannon fire that produced considerable noise and smoke. Cadets fired a “feu de joie” which consists of three volleys of 100 blank small arms fired in rapid succession approximately 15 minutes into the ceremony. In addition to this, two small cannons fired a total of 21 blank rounds around the half-way mark, with a final round fired just before sunset to mark the end of the event.

The Ceremony of the Flags is conducted to honour Canada’s history, provinces, and territories and provides an opportunity for the cadets of HMCS Acadia to give back to their local community while developing their teamwork and leadership skills.