Annapolis Valley Exhibition results

More winners from August 11 to 16 Lawrencetown fair

Lawrence Powell
Published on August 21, 2014
The rug hookers were in the new demonstration building at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition in Lawrencetown last week. Homecrafts were among the many entry categories at the Valley EX.
Lawrence Powell

Following are results from the Annapolis Valley Exhibition held August 11 to 16 in Lawrencetown:


Recycling Contest

Thursday-Kathleyn Hanson

Friday-Hailey Lockett

Saturday-Kimberly Marshall


Scanvenger Hunt

Thursday-Logan Ward

Saturday-Blake Leonard


2014 Exhibition Idol

Stephanie Roscoe


Draft Show Horse

Matched Pair Light Percheron- Corey Steeves

Farm Team-Corey Steeves

Youth Cart Class-Dawson Pinch

Matched Pair Clyde-Leslie Phillips

Matched Pair Belgian- Paul & Sherry Spinney

Old Timers Driving-Allison Corkum /Paul Spinney

Ladies Driving-Marissa Zwicker

Matched Pair Heavy Percheron-Peter Pinch

Men’s Belgian Cart-Jeremy Pinch

Tandem Draft Horse-Marissa Zwicker& Everette Henley

Jr. Draft Driving-Rachel Cole

Unicorn Hitch-Paul & Sherry Spinney

Ladies Percheron Cart-Karen Prost

Three Abreast- Paul & Sherry Spinney

Ladies Cart Clydesdale-Mary Lou Parker

4 in Hand-Paul & Sherry Spinney

4 in Driving Competition-Paul Spinney

Men’s Clydedale Cart-Leslie Phillips

Men’s Percheron Cart-Corey Pinch

6 in hand Draft Horse-Arden Robar & Family

Ladies Belgian Cart-Sherry Spinney

Purebred Clydesdale-Filly Yearling-Leslie Phillips

Purebred Clydesdale-Mare or Gelding over 4yrs-Leslie Phillips

Purebred Clydesdale Overall Champion-Leslie Phillips

Purebred Percheron-Leroy Wood

Overall Champion-Leroy Wood

Purebred Belgian-Paul & Sherry Spinney

Maritime Bred-Paul & Sherry Spinney

Grade Clydesdale-Keith Cole

Grade Belgian-Marissa Zwicker & Everett Henley

Overall Grand Champion-Marissa Zwicker & Everette Henley

Junior Showmanship-Rachel Cole

Dr .C.B. Simms Memorial-Leslie Phillips

Leon & Shirley Fiske Memorial- Leroy Wood

H.B.E. Reagh Memorial-Mike Phillips

Garnett Trimper Memorial-Paul & Sherry Spinney

Best Stall Display-Diane Robar


Miniatures - Adult

Mini Driving Roadster-Allen Greene

Mini Driving Pleasure-Allen Greene

Mini Driving Cones-Allen Greene

Mini Driving Pole Bending-Lisa Pothier

Mini Driving Obstacle-Allen Greene

Mini Driving Eggs & Bacon-Lisa Pothier

Mini Jumping In Hand- Lisa Pothier

Mini Obstacle in Hand-Allen Greene

Mini Donkey Pleasure Driving- Eugene Hennebury



Mini Driving Pleasure-Shelby Prost

Mini Driving Cones-Lindsay Leonard

Mini Driving Pole Bending-Shelby Prost

Mini Driving Obstacle-Shelby Prost

Mini Driving Eggs & Bacon-Shelby Prost

Mini Jumping in Hand-Lindsay Leonard

Mini Obstacle In Hand-Lindsay Leonard

Mini Horse-Adult Champion-Allen Greene

Mini Horse-Adult Reserve-Lisa Pothier

Mini Horse-Youth Champion-Lindsay Leonard

Mini Horse- Youth Reserve-Shelby Prost

Best Stall Display-Allen Greene

Showmanship Award-Eugene Hennebury

Stonewall Cup-Allen Greene



Trail Under Saddle-Tyler Charlton

Under Saddle-Adult-Tyler Charlton

Under Saddle-Youth-Jenna Sabean

Game Up & Barrel-Tyler Charlton

Farm Team-Tyler Charlton

Long Reining-Todd Charlton

Pleasure Cart-Single-Cyril Durling

Matched Pair-Dwayne Charlton

Single Log Hauling-Cyril Durling

Unicorn Hitch-Cyril Durling

Obstacle Competiton Cart-Gillian Allen

3-Abreast-Cyril Durling

Single Hitch- Wagon-Cyril Durling

4 in- Hand-Cyril Durling

Gelding or Fily-2yrs- Gillian Allen

Mare 3yrs & over-Todd Charlton

Gelding 3yrs & over-Holly Stillwell &Cyril Durling

Showmanship-Adult-Todd Charlton

Showmanship-Youth-Timbertop-Rachel Cole

Champion-Holly Stillwell


Draft Pony

Matched Pair Draft Pony Light-Chris Vidito

Matched Pair Draft Pony Heavy-George Hebb

Matched Pair Draft Pony Championship-Chris Vidito

Draft Pony Farm Team-Chris Vidito

Single Draft Pony Light-Chris Vidito

Unicorn Hitch Draft Pony-George Hebb

3 Abreast Draft Pony-George Hebb

Single Draft Pony Heavy-George Hebb

4 In Hand Draft Pony-George Hebb

Single Draft Pony Ladies driving Competition-Michelle Pothier

Single Draft Pony Cart-George Hebb

6 In Hand Draft Pony-George Hebb

Draft Pony Sportsman-Michelle Pothier

Mare Light Line Class-Michelle Pothier

Mare Heavy Line Classes-George Hebb

Champion Mare-Michelle Pothier

Gelding Light Line Classes-George Hebb

Gelding Heavy Line Classes-Shelley Rector

Champion Gelding-Shelley Rector

Overall Champion & Reserve Shelley Rector & George Hebb


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