MudCraft to return to Gore next year

Ashley Thompson
Published on July 3, 2014

Michael Blois is already thinking about MudCraft 2015.

More than 300 participants attempted the first MudCraft adventure obstacle course in Gore June 28.

“It was a solid turnout and everybody who came there had a really good time,” said Blois, an eighth generation dairy farmer who built the course on his family’s land.

“They found the course challenging, yet really interesting.”

MudCraft, featuring 20-plus obstacles, offered routes for warriors and beginners looking to test their limits while having some fun in the mud at the same time.

Blois said he didn’t get a chance to run the course the day of the event, but his personal favourite obstacle is the Tarzan swing.

Observers taking in the day tended to congregate around the final obstacle for the warrior course, which required participants to jump off of a 13-foot tall platform knowing they’d land in a deep pool of muddy water.

All participants had to swim across the murky water to cross the finish line.

Michael Peach, of Falmouth, was the first to complete the MudCraft course.

“I run a lot but adding obstacles to it adds a new element to it,” said Peach.

Amy Lawlor, of Gore, had the opportunity to watch a couple waves of participants finish the course before her heat crossed the start line.

“I’ve got a feeling I’m not going to be able to move for a couple of days,” she joked.

Based on the positive response from participants, Blois is expecting MudCraft will become an annual event that only gets bigger and better with age.

“Everyone thought it was amazing and they can’t wait until the next one,” he said.

View a slideshow of photos from the event here.