Kayak, canoe adventure for Envirothon teams

Published on July 3, 2014

By Karla Kelly

Envirothon teams from Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia experienced a real adventure kayaking and canoeing down the Sissiboo River as part of the consolation prize package for the provincial winners.

Teams from Deer Lake, Nfld., and St. Stephen, N.B., along with members from Digby who stepped in to replace the Northumberland Regional High School club, made the stop at Hinterland Adventures and Gear in Weymouth Mills for the paddle on June 30.

Hantford Lewis of the local canoeing and kayaking adventure business welcomed the Envirothon teams giving them an historical and environmental overview of the area before heading down the Sissiboo River.

Dan Robichaud, an experienced paddler from Meteghan, was also on hand as a guide for the adventure.

Organizing and accompanying the teams for the five-day event was retired teacher and former Envirothon leader, Greg Turner.

Turner said the teams were also visiting Harold Alexander’s woodlot in North Range, Wild Rose Farm in Gilbert’s Cove, taking in a whale watching trip, and a stop at the Balancing Rock.

Kari Brown, program coordinator for Nova Scotia Envirothon, was also on hand for the event.

Dionne Snow, a teacher and Envirothon staff member from Elwood High School in Deer Lake, said the team was disappointed not to be going to Athens, Ga., for the North American competition but was more than excited to come to Nova Scotia.

“The students knew the North American competition was cancelled before the provincial competition was held, but they stayed committed to prepare for the challenge and came out on top,” said Snow.

“Most of the team has never been to Nova Scotia and Greg Turner has planned out an exciting five-day adventure for us.”

The teams finished their Envirothon adventure with an overnight trip into Kejimkujik National Park.