Forecast for Annapolis Royal's Historic Gardens fundraiser not so rosy

Heather Killen
Published on July 3, 2014

Trish Fry, manager of Annapolis Royal's Historic Gardens announced that Wine and Roses and the House and Garden Tour planned this weekend will take place next weekend, on July 11 and 12.


More cancelations due to tropical storm warning

Arthur, or no Arthur, it’s business as usual this weekend for the Annapolis Royal Farmers’ and Traders’ Market in Annapolis Royal, and the Lobster Supper fundraiser in Hampton.

However weekend events at the Historic Gardens are not looking so rosey.

Trish Fry, manager of the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, says that the garden’s signature weekend events, Friday night’s Wine and Roses and the Annapolis Royal House and Garden Tours will be postponed until next weekend.

The weather has also put a damper on Saturday's line-up for Dalhousie Days, according to Debbie Stultz-Giffin. Sunday events will continue, as planned at West Dalhousie Hall. Saturday's events will be postponed until Aug. 23.

The Saturday line-up for the 83rd NSGA Women's Amateur Championship at the Eden Golf and Country Club has also been cancelled due to Arthur.

While no one is certain of the intensity of the upcoming storm or its track yet, Trish Fry says organizers of the Annapolis Royal fundraisers decided it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If things went ahead in the rain, the events would probably be a washout, so it’s better to take a chance and reschedule things until July 11 and 12.

“We decided to postpone the events, many ticketholders are from out of town and people will not want to drive,” she said. “One way or another it’s going to be an unhappy day, but hopefully it won’t be a damaging day.”

Whatever the weather brings, local businesses are already feeling the pain, she says. Many of the ticket holders were planning to stay overnight at local hotels. Now those rooms will be vacant.

Fry added that the weather could also impact business for the Historic Gardens, as many of the plants are vulnerable to heavy rain and wind. Depending on how damaging the wind and rain, the gardens may need to shut down while staff clean up the grounds.

Fortunately the roses are not yet at their peak, they can be deadheaded and new buds will quickly blossom. Fry said the groundskeepers are now working to stake and support some of the taller plants to minimize damage

Corrine Roberts Warner, of the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market, says that come winds and water, the market is on for customers and vendors. She says she will not be cancelling the event.

“We have all heard the forecast for Saturday July 5, and it isn't looking like a very nice day. Scenarios range from a near miss to more of a direct impact. A few vendors have told me they will be at the market, maybe it will veer off the coast and we won't get too much rain. Hope to see you there,” she writes on Facebook.

Brinton Forbes, organizer of the Hampton Beach Lobster Supper, a fundraiser for the Hampton lighthouse and historical society, says this is not his first time dealing with the weather.

“I’m a boy from the Bay,” he said. “I have a contingency plan for adverse weather conditions. The tickets have been purchased and the lobsters are coming. We can’t cancel.”

He says he has a back-up plan to cook the lobsters in a pinch, and the dinner will go ahead, as planned with the pick-up Saturday from 4:30 until 6:30 p.m. at the beach.

“If it rains, people can look for the guy in the yellow slicker and sou’wester,” he said. “And they may want to take their dinners home rather than eat them on the beach.”

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