Wedding photo on Digby’s front street

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
Published on July 24, 2014

Newlyweds Jordan and Lauren O’Neill pose on Digby’s front street with their wedding party Nick Bent, Patrick McMainy, Mark McCurley, Harley Robicheau, Kayla Stark, Tabitha Jordan, Courtney Elliot and Kassandra Atkins on Saturday, July 19.

©Monika Dorey

The whole wedding party was marching through downtown Digby, the men in jeans and bright green vests, the women in bright green dresses, all of them in cowboy boots, even the bride.

People driving by were honking and waving to the newlyweds, Jordan and Lauren O’Neill who had just been married in Digby on Saturday, July 19.

They were headed to the marina for photos by the water with the boats in the background.

In fact the couple lives in Edmonton now, hadn’t been back in three years and came home partly because they wanted wedding pictures by the ocean in their hometown.

Suddenly, as they’re walking through town, the groom ran out in the middle of the street and told everyone to line up on the crosswalk near Club 98 and the northern end of the Admiral’s Walk.

“Our photographer had seen something like it on Pinterest,” said Lauren. “But for us it was a spontaneous thing. We thought it was nice to have all the buildings in the background. We grew up here, this is where we spent all of our lives until we moved out west.

“It’s nice to have a picture that reminds us of or home,” said Lauren.

People on the Digby Courier’s Facebook group think it’s nice too – almost 400 people liked the picture the first day it was posted there.

The couple’s photographer was Monika Dorey and more photos from the wedding can be viewed on her Facebook page at

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