Sheep dog practice held near Wolfville

Wendy Elliott
Published on July 17, 2014

Participant Paula Reardon is shown working with one of her dogs Mac.


Dogs and sheep were mixing it up last weekend.

John Carter, who hails from British Columbia, conducted a herding clinic at the Naturally Nerida Farm on the Gaspereau Mountain. He has more than 30 years experience working and training dogs for farm, ranch and trialing.

Farm owner Karin Robertson said 12 dogs and their handlers had an excellent day honing their skills. Robertson raises sheep. She also breeds and works border collies.  

One of Carter’s dogs, Eddie, is the sire to one of Robertson’s border collies, Lace -  who currently has a litter of pups. Robertson also raises English Jack Russell terriers.

Robertson is at the Wolfville Farmers Market every Saturday morning, where she sells lamb and eggs.