Vintage trailer rally set for Queens

Brittany W. Verge
Published on June 30, 2014

If staying in a tent isn’t your thing and you like your décor a little vintage, you may just want to get into the hobby of “glamping.”

Glamping is a combination of the words glamour and camping and glamour definitely describes the beautiful vintage trailers Elizabeth Brown has remodeled.

Brown has become a vintage trailer enthusiast.  She owns two trailers from the 1960s that she has completely overhauled and one trailer that she has just started to work on. 

Brown says she just sort of stumbled on the idea and eventually found herself on sites like Kijiji looking for reasonably priced old trailers. She purchased a 1969 British Bailey caravan that was in great condition.

Brown hauled the trailer home immediately after seeing it in person and stripped it down, painted it, and began to accessorize it.  Many of her pieces are British themed. 

Many of the trailers are surprisingly cheap.  If someone wants more of a challenge, they can get the trailers for between $500 and $2000.

Brown eventually purchased a tiny trailer from 1961, thinking to use it as a mini studio for woodcarving.  That trailer is now used by Brown’s son to sell coffee at the Privateers Farmers’ Market.  Her partner also uses the trailer to sell his upcycled antiques.

“I’ve painted the entire inside but besides that, everything inside, the cushions, everything is original,” says Brown.

 While researching how to remodel her first trailer, Brown found a called Girl Camp Canada on Facebook.  The group They often host rallies to show off their trailers and take a trip and this time, some of the women are meeting and camping at Brown’s house.

“Some of them have family or roots (in Nova Scotia), so that was a big draw for them,” says Brown.

Brown hasn’t been to a rally before but she says they are often filled with little surprises.  One example being, the occupants of each trailer will have to dress to the vintage of that trailer one night.

“Basically it’s just five days of getting to know each other, site seeing, and looking at how other people fix up their trailers or campers,” says Brown.

The women are coming with their families for the trip.  Some are coming from as far away as Ontario.

The rally converges at Brown’s property on July 5 and ends July 9. About a dozen trailers are expected so far. Brown says the public is welcome to come view the trailers on her property. She lives on McDonald Road just off of Bog Road.  Her house is the first on the right.