Proud students cross the Liverpool Regional High stage

Nick Moase
Published on June 28, 2014

Hundreds of proud, and somewhat teary, faces gathered at LRHS June 27 to see the class of 2014 off to the next part of their life. 

Over the course of the evening, as the students crossed the stage one by one, over $400,000 in scholarship money was handed out.

Principal Terry Doucette said he was proud of their efforts, and confident they will succeed in life.

The guest speaker for the evening was Leo Campbell, principal of the South Queens Middle School and of the junior high before that.

In his introduction by Robyn Whynot, he was described as a mentor to the students and respected as a firm but fair administrator.

Campbell started off in Mill Village Consolidated School before becoming the physical education teacher at the junior high and later the senior high. He then moved into the role of principal, but says the gym is still an important part of any school.

"The gym holds a special place for all of us," he said. "It's where we first come to a building and it's where we last leave a building."

Three years ago this graduating class was the graduating class of his junior high. At the time he told them, other than to stay off his hill, that they should make their mark on the school. He believed they had. 

Campbell also said he wasn't surprised to see anyone graduate tonight

"You all had potential to reach this night."

Campbell has spoken twice before at LRHS graduations, and didn't hesitate to say yes this time around. He said it was an honour and an opportunity to share a few experiences.

Though he was asked to share some stories, he said it was best to leave the stories up to them. The stories he has is from their time at the junior high, but since then they have grown and matured greatly over the last three years.

Now they are ready to face the world, which can be a little scary for their parents. He encouraged all the students to give their families an extra hug because of this, but also know that both they and the community are behind them.  

"They are here to celebrate with you," he said. "Wherever you go, this community is in your back pocket."

Now though, it is time for them to move on.

"What you do when you go through those doors is up to you," he said.

However he has confidence they will become fine upstanding citizens of the community.

Class speaker Joel Foley said they have many people to thank them for getting to this point in their lives; teachers for teaching them, parents for raising them, friends for being awesome, and the Internet for everything no one else would teach them.

Teachers were a focal point in his presentation, both in sharing a few memories, but also in emphasis on how much he believes they cared about their future.

"In my experiences at LRHS, all they do is care. For them teaching is their passion and its what they want to do," he said. "The only reason they do that is because they know how intelligent you are. If you just try to push yourself they you will achieve greatness."

Foley said he enjoyed his time at the school, with lots of memories and shenanigans that were had.

Now that they are moving on though, he said it can be a bit scary.

"I know a lot of us are panicking right now because we're trying to figure everything out for next September," he said.

However he did offer a few words of reassurance.

"Just remember, don't panic, stay calm, you'll be fine."