A century of bridal gowns in ‘a perfect setting’

Published on June 27, 2014

By Karla Kelly 

June is traditionally the month when many young ladies fulfill their dreams of becoming brides and this month one Weymouth lady was able to share her bridal dream.

For the past 10 years, it has been Sandra Lent’s ambition to host a bridal display and Saturday her dream came true.

“I have always been interested in wedding and bridal wear and it has been my dream to share my collection with others by hosting a bridal display,” she said.

“Hosting the display gave Weymouth ladies an opportunity to share their special day all over again.”

Lent’s private bridal wear and accessories collection dating back to 1907 along with local wedding attire was open for public viewing at the Weymouth Historical Society building.

Over a dozen gowns of various designs and accessories filled the main floor of the building, which was once an Anglican Church, “and that provided the perfect setting for this event,” Lent said. “The Weymouth Historical Society was gracious in allowing me its use for the bridal display.”

 Lent said the people of Weymouth are interested in their local history and several ladies willingly loaned their attire and mementos, including wedding photographs for the occasion.

“These were authentic and historical,” she said. “Also on display were headwear, shoes and magazines from nine decades.”

Lents private collection included a 1907 gown from New York, a 1930s dress and a 1986 gown.

A 1948 wedding dress belonging to Marion Lewis was third on display followed by Lennie McCullough’s and Alice Comeau’s dresses from 1951.

Attire from the 1960s included Margaret Lombard’s 1960 gown, Audrey Frankland’s 1961 dress, Francette Doucette’s 1962 gown and Gloria Barr’s 1964 dress.

A 1970s dress from an unknown bride was followed by Claudia Comeau’s 1981 gown.

Organizer Sandra Lent’s 1999 gown was also on display and Tania Comeau’s 2008 dress rounded off the bridal gowns.

Lent said she was delighted with the number who attended the day long event and how well it was received.

“It was a nostalgic affair for many especially the older people who came in to view the dresses, accessories and photos,” said Lent. “It certainly revived memories of local wedding from years gone by.”