A Good Samaritan helps out in Queens

Nick Moase nmoase@theadvance.ca
Published on May 31, 2014

Carl Morrison had help from a Good Samaritan last week, after forgetting his wallet downtown. The $80 was taken by someone, but a person who saw what happened gave him $40. 

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Carl Morrison got a bit of help from a Good Samaritan last week, after leaving his wallet behind in the downtown. 

He was at Home Hardware in Liverpool doing some shopping, and checked his wallet before getting back on his bike. He got to the library before realized he has left it behind, and returned to pick it up. However when he got there the wallet was moved from where it was set down.

A woman he didn't know was having lunch at Memories Cafe and saw what had happened, and told Morrison where to find his wallet up the street.

The $80 he had inside was also gone.

"She felt so bad for me she came out and gave me $40," he says.

At the time he was a bit distraught and accepted the money, but questioned if he should take it when he went to the bank to get a little more out. Morrison returned to the restaurant, but by that time the woman had left.

He tried to find someone in the restaurant who would return the money for him, but was told she would want him to have it.

Morrison says he was very grateful for the help.

"A woman who's nice enough to give a stranger $40, that just shows you she is a nice person," he says.