Cats seized from Dartmouth home filling up Kings SPCA

Kathryn Brewster
Published on April 9, 2014

The Kings County branch of the SPCA is more crowded than usual with the addition of 31 cats from the Halifax area. Cats in all colours and sizes fill the holding rooms and even the hallway at the Waterville location, where they will stay until they are ready to be handled by the public.

These felines are only a fraction of the 127 seized from a single home in Dartmouth late last month. The rest are currently housed at other SPCA locations throughout the province. Moving cats among shelters in the SPCA network is not unheard of and the transfer system can be particularly useful in the case of unusually large seizures like this one.

“If one shelter is overwhelmed, they can transfer (animals) to another shelter that might not have as many,” said provincial SPCA spokeswoman Ashley Burke. “This is one of those cases.”

The cats are currently being readied for adoption:  a process that includes vaccinations, tests and spaying and neutering, as well as ensuring that the cats are socially comfortable enough to be re-homed. Medically, the cats are doing well; socially, some are closer to being adoptable than others, with many still too timid to be handled for long.

“We have to make sure that they’re rehabilitated to the point that they can be social,” Burke said.  For some of the cats, she added, “it’s looking like that’s going to be in the coming week.”