SASI launches new program for seniors in Shelburne County

Published on March 4, 2014

SASI representatives set up an information booth at Shelburne Mall to help spread the word on their new program SASI Senior Support Services.  Contributed photo

By Amy Woolvett

As a senior it can be tough to some of the jobs around the house done that need to get done; mowing, groceries, or shoveling the snow buildup around the house.

Many have relied on the kindness of family and friends to give a hand, leading sometimes to strained relationships.

Shelburne Association Supporting Inclusion has recently launched a program to help close the gap in senior services for Shelburne County.

“We already have teams trained and ready to go,” said Holly Perry with SASI.

Now they want to get the word out to seniors all over the county who might need a helping hand.

SASI has teamed up with continuing care to help process their potential clients.

Seniors wanting to receive the support SASI has to offer are to contact Continuing Care or their Care Coordinator to see if they can qualify.

SASI is to offer companionship services, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, transportation arrangements, grocery shopping, errands, outside maintenance including snow removal, lawn care and gardening, meals on wheels and interior home organizing.

Basically anything that is non-medical in nature.

“Why pay Home Care, who are medically trained, to do these things,” said Perry.  “We are focusing on providing a service VON and Home Care can’t do…heavy lifting, spring cleaning, organizing.”

SASI wants seniors to remain independent in their homes as long as possible.

To qualify for this service, seniors can contact their Care Coordinator or Continuing Care at 1-800-225-7225