Interest in yoga on the upswing

Published on February 4, 2014

<p>Monique D’Eon doing a yoga move. D’Eon, who instructs yoga, says it is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons.</p>

By Carly Churchill



Daily life is a source of stress for many people. Finding a way to deal with this stress, though not impossible, can be hard to do.

Yoga is an uprising trend in society and is a popular way of relieving stress. It is, for instance, now offered as a course at the local Yarmouth high school, giving students the opportunity to get out of the typical desk setting.

In the community as well, there are many people who offer classes and instruction in yoga.

Monique D’Eon is one such local yoga instructor. She offers classes in different locations around the tri-counties. Classes are offered at Pur Therapy in Yarmouth, Par-En-Bas school in Tusket and in Barrington.  The classes range in difficulty, beginning with simple relaxing stretches and working up to more advanced classes, which involve a variety of power poses and deep stretches.

D’Eon has not always participated in yoga, but took an immediate interest in it from her first yoga class. She has since been practicing yoga for 13 years and still finds enjoyment in it.

“While I was working on the set of a feature film in Halifax (K-19 The Widow maker, starring Harrison Ford), I met a woman from New Zealand who brought me to my first yoga class. I was in my early thirties and she in her 60s. I was amazed at what she was able to do through the class,” said D’Eon, who’s been hooked on yoga ever since.

So what drove her to become a yoga instructor?

“When I moved back home I had my teacher come down to instruct a weekend workshop for beginners. Once that was over the group of friends thought we should get together weekly and have me lead them through some poses. Eventually more people joined in . . . I decided to take training to become a yoga instructor. I finished my training in November of 2002.”

Eleven years later, D’Eon is teaching students aged 6 to 86. She says there are many benefits to doing yoga, and encourages everyone to try it.

“I've seen people notice improvement in their back and hips in as little as one class. I had a woman who was getting injections in her hips for terrible pain and then eventually found it was due to muscle tightness. Once she started stretching the muscles the pain went away.”

As yoga increases in popularity, there are many reasons people may decide to participate in this way of exercise, such as using it as a stress reliever, to learn more about themselves, or to help gain proper body alignment.

“Therapeutics makes a lot of sense to me,” D’Eon says. “I've seen over my years of teaching that, especially as people hit over 40, their priorities shift. They are less driven to master advanced yoga poses and really just want to have all of their "parts" in good working order. Having healthy shoulders, hips, knees, etc. becomes more of a priority.”

If you wish to find more information on D’Eon’s  yoga classes, you may do so by visiting and following the link to her yoga page. You can also email her at or call 762-0261.


(Carly Churchill is a Grade 11 student at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School who did an internship at the Vanguard newspaper as part of the school’s co-op program.)