Family full of characters sought for film

Carla Allen
Published on January 27, 2014

A filmmaker in Toronto is seeking "fun characters" involved in the fisheries for a new reality show.

Think of one of the most popular trending shows on TV that features a family full of characters manufacturing duck calls.

If you know a similar family in Nova Scotia involved in the distribution side of fisheries, Andre Doucet wants to hear about them.

Doucet works with production companies in various roles - from producer, director, camera or editor, depending on the project. 

His production company is casting across Nova Scotia in search of talent for a new reality show.

“I’m looking to put together a ‘duck dynasty’ style show with an East Coast flavor,” he said.

He’d like to find a family-run business within the fisheries that has different elements. 

A distribution plant would be ideal for his purposes.

“It would be the center of everything with sub-characters (stories) with the fisherman, truckers, buyers, etc.,” he said.

“The south shore is full of fun characters and I’m looking to find the right fit that would make a show East Coasters could be proud of.” 

 Doucet says he’s open to talking to anyone who has a unique business or story.

Rather than hold auditions he wants to try to find and talk with people on the phone first.

“If I can find the right fit then I’ll fly down to meet them in person,” he said.

Liverpool born and raised, he still has family and friends on the South Shore. 

He lived in Halifax for five years selling for Hillcrest Volkswagen and moved to Toronto to study film production at the Toronto Film School seven years ago.

As a camera operator he has worked for shows like Campus PD, Ex Wives Rock, Building Bryks and Super Groups. 

Learning from each production, Doucet began developing concepts and in 2012 Travel Channel US commissioned two episodes of his concept titled ‘I Bet My Life.’  He worked as producer on these episodes, filming in Monaco and Aruba.

“I would love to develop something out of N.S.,” he said.  

To contact Doucet, visit his website or email