Your messages for Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II, on the day she becomes Britain's longest reigning monarch, waves from a carriage window at Edinburgh's Waverley Station, after boarding a steam train to inaugurate the new £294-million Scottish Borders Railway.

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Long may she reign!

To celebrate the Sapphire Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, TC Media asked how you felt about the monarchy in Canada, who impressed you as a world leader. We also wanted to know who is your favourite Royal, and invited you to leave messages for Her Majesty.
Here’s what we learned.
An overwhelming number of respondents to our very un-scientific poll support the monarchy in Canada.

How do you feel about the monarchy in Canada?

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Perhaps not surprising, the Queen was also tops in esteem among our poll participants by a wide margin.
Nelson Mandela edged out Pope Francis for second place.
In spite of his ongoing controversies, U.S. President Donald Trump did manage to collect 2.65 per cent of the votes, better than Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel.

Who do you hold in the highest esteem?

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The Queen also ranked as most respondents’ favourite member of the Royal Family, but many were torn.
“I am very fond of the Queen, and enjoy watching Kate and Will with their children,” one reader told us.
The heir apparent and his family registered high among the group, too.
“Prince William,” was one reply. “He has the charisma and heart of his mother.He will make an excellent representative of the Commonwealth and the Queen.”
“I am a fan of little Prince George! He's just perfect,” wrote another reader.
Prince Harry — “He is so kind and gentle like his mother” — and Prince Edward, “the unsung, hard working sensible man, who grew up to become someone who made his parents very proud,” received special mention.
As did Harry’s mom. “Still Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Did we mention there were messages for Her Majesty? Well there were:

Would you like to leave a message for the queen?

Best Wishes on your Sapphire Jubilee

Hi I'm Joan Chisholm Truro N.S., Canada hope u feel better will u visit Truro Canada

Congratulations !!

long may she reign for ever

Long may she reign over us. God. Bless

I was named after her as I was born June 1, 1953. Always have had that connection to her!

Long may she reign


You have historically upheld the monarchy with dignity which in turn has set an example for the rest of the world on the importance of a polite society. Thank you

I would love to tell the Queen that I love her, and love her devotion to the Commonwealth and her duty to all who live in the Commonwealth.  Happy Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years, wow!! Thank you. hugs


You have served the empire with honour, loyalty and  courage, Thank you for your service, may you continue in good  health. God Bless !!

Congratulations, Your Majesty, on the special occasion of your Sapphire Jubilee.  May God bless you and be ever so near you every day.

Heaven bless our queen.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for her.

Long may you reign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations.  You have been in my life since I was four years old. I cannot imagine my life without you.

Stop living off the poor.

Long may you reign

Congratulations to a job very well done!

Congratulations!!! May your reign carry on at least until you can send yourself a Hundred Birthday Card

Congratulations on your anniversary. In our family you are lovingly referred  as "Cousin Liz" because (a) you remind us of what we believe our Mother would look like at her age had she lived past age 53. She would have been 90 this year and thought highly of you. I remember as a young child going with her when you came to Newfoundland for the sod turning of the Queen Elizabeth Library at MUN in St. John'. She also kept a scrapbook of news clippings of your earlier years as a young Queen. (B) As well, her Father, Fredrick Smeaton came to NL in 1914, I believe, from London,  originally from Edinburgh , to be a Mechanic for a prominent businessman in St. John's who ordered a new car. He married and raised his large family who today are into the fourth generation.  And here is the link, his brother  or uncle married the Queen Mothers first cousin, a Boselion (my apologies for the spelling).

Long may you reign!

Thank you for your inspirational service

Britain is falling through Mass-Immigration. Being a defender of the faith, not faiths, should always be the Monarch's job. Other then that God bless you Your Majesty.

Long May You Reign, God Bless you Your Majesty.

What ever you are doing to keep so well, keep it up!!

I hope you live to be a 100 and in good health

Congratulations on your sapphire jubilee . God bless the queen

You’re beautiful

congratulations your royal highness

Congratulations on your Sapphire Jubilee.  God Save The Queen.

God save the Queen!

Thank you and long may you live and be the queen.


May may your long jib draw  We love you

Happy Anniversary!  Long may she reign!

Long live the Queen!

Thank you for your graciousness, dignity, commitment, fidelity, intelligence, caring and sense of purpose.  We have been, and are, here inured and blest by your presence and service.

I'd like to wish you a very happy 65th anniversary. You have shown grace, kindness, stability and dignity in your years as Queen. I hope you continue to be healthy and happy.

Your long years of service shows your faith in god and your oath you took when your were made our queen.god bless you and your family. It's amazing to think at 25 years old you were given such a role to play in one could have done it better. love to all your family. john c mcintyre truro.nova scotia

Congratulations on your Sapphire Jubilee with best wishes from Marilyn in Newfoundland.

congratulations and here to another 5 years.

May you enjoy your milestone of a Sapphire Jubilee.


Life have been good to you but you have also been good to life!!!    May your years  on the throne continue on.

Thank  you, Your Majesty, for devoting your life to  the British Nation and  Commonwealth   ,

I wish her good health and happyness.

congratulations on your sapphire ruling and many more years of  good health

Congratulations!  I grew up with my Dad always talking about The Queen and the Monarchy in general.  He served with the Royal Navy in WW II, and he loved England and the Monarchy, as do I.


Happy 65 Anniversary you are the perfect Queen

Congratulations on your Sapphire Jubilee.  May you have good health and happiness.

You are a role model for the world's political leaders.  Best wishes.

You have led an incredible life. Seen and accomplished amazing things with such dignity and grace. I want to say simply, I love you!


You are a testament to longevity and class. Thank you and God save you.

Congratualtions on your Jubibee

Happy 65 years as Queen.

Thank you for your wise and kind leadership.

Congratulations on your Sapphire- Jubilee   God Bless our Queen

I would like to honor her for her service to her country. She deserves a grand congratulations. I'm in the US, but hail from Nova Scotia  blood and have a long line of English rellies.

Happy to have had the opportunity to meet you.  Proud to have you as our Queen.

Long may your big jib draw.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. God Bless

Sincere best wishes and congratulations enclosed.  May she continue to exemplify grace and kindness.

Congratulations on your Sapphire Jubilee. You have made England proud and Newfoundland too as a member of the British Commonwealth. You are an inspiration to all!

May you reign as long as your health and life enables you.

Congratulations on 65 years as the are an inspiration.

William would be the right choice as your successor for KING. Congratulations on your many years as OUR Queen

If I could I like a blissing from the Queen and sent it to me. Deborah Cashin.  23 Woodcrest Ave, Corner Brook NL. Canada, A2H 3P6    Thank You

We love you and thank you!  From Canada

Greetings from NEWFOUNDLAND,CANADA    Congratulations on your "Sapphire Jubliee" ,"Your Majesty".May you have Long Life and Good Health.

longer may she reign

Long to reign over us

Thank you for your many years of service!

Congratulations and stay strong.

Congratulations..isn't it time to pass on the throne

Congratulations on reaching this milestone.  Best Wishes for good health and continued service to your people.

Long To Reign Over Us, God Save The Queen