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Lions give Coldbrook a community face


Coldbrook and district is a growing community in our county, with all the good and contentious and divisive things that means.

As with other communities in the same circumstances, Coldbrook faces a number of land-use and environmental issues – mostly to do with housing and business uses, with groups arguing and siding this way and that.

This is to be expected in one of the county’s most active growth areas. The community features a series of subdivisions and an expanding commercial strip, with a residential population well in excess of 2,000.

And it can be difficult to ignite and sustain community spirit – at least one that’s readily recognizable -- in these growing entities.

In a letter to the editor in this edition of The Advertiser, businessman and former Kings County councillor Merrill Ward acknowledges that there have been a number of issues – squabbles, even – that can try people’s patience. But, amid all of this, the Coldbrook and District Lions Club has been a consistent source of stability and inspiration to the community.

Ward, for example, credits the Lions with working with other groups to bring the famed RCMP Musical Ride to the county and with helping to establish an Emergency Comfort Centre at the club’s Huntington-Hayes Hall.

The membership unselfishly promotes Coldbrook and district as a wonderful place to live, the businessman and former councillor says.

And, The Advertiser knows of other ambitious activities the Lions undertake.

They hold their popular Tuesday evening bingos at the Cambridge Valley Drive-In, which they lease from the municipality each warm season. They operate the facility as a traditional drive-in theatre on weekends, hiring a number of local young people as staff.

They also have a Sunday morning flea and farmers market at the site.

The Lions’ activities are varied. They hold their monthly dances, and monthly breakfasts. And they host the popular demolition derbies.

The funds raised from these ambitious activities are used for the betterment of the greater community.

As well, the club makes its hall available for other community groups.

The Coldbrook and District club isn’t an especially large group as such organizations go, but it is relatively young and very community-minded. They obviously enjoy what they are doing.

And in other local communities large and small, other groups and clubs do similar good works – Lions, WI, Rotary, Kinsmen and so on – regardless of whatever contentious issues transpire in their districts and areas. And they get few, if any, headlines.

No, as Ward says, the efforts of the Coldbrook Lions are not going unnoticed, or unappreciated.

And as we’ve noticed, besides funding and economic benefits, the Lions have given Coldbrook and district a real community face.

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