<strong>Not perfect, but Shelburne skate park active again</strong>

Published on September 3, 2014

Some pallets get some use from skateboarders at the park.

Amy Woolvett photos

By Amy Woolvett

While it isn’t really the new skate park families were hoping for it is a way to get the kids active and at the Shelburne skate park again.

The recreation department brought down to the skate park a few ramps they are currently borrowing from a joint county program, so that the kids could use them.

“It’s hoped that the kids will be able to use this equipment one night a week,” said Angie Shand whose children enjoyed the use of the skate park in the past.

If the recreation department decides the kids are able to properly use the equipment and that it is not too difficult to set up and take down they will allow for a once a week loaning program at the Shelburne skate park.

“There are a good group of kids that deserve a good place to play,” said Shand.

She along with a group of kids and parents were hoping for a more permanent structure for skateboarding, biking and using a scooter.

“A cement structure is what is needed,” said Shand.

The Town of Shelburne tore down the dilapidated ramp that was at the skate park because of safety concerns over two years ago but nothing has replaced the equipment until now.  Parents have also been building small wooden structures to help their children use the park.