Waterville community news Aug. 21

Published on August 24, 2014

Children have a lot of fun at birthday parties and so do men – seniors that is. We attended three seniors’ parties for 80- and 90-year-olds and it was fun.

Paul Ward’s 80th was in the Lions’ Hall under “the dome” was sort of the roasting kind. We saw lots of pictures when he was a little boy playing with the girls. Now , he’s a big man volunteering at the Morristown Community Club.

Close to the 90 mark, Paul Whitman’s milestone party occurred at the Berwick Baptist Church. A retired funeral director, Paul owned his own funeral home in Cape Breton and now resides in Berwick where it all started as a mortician. His wife, Amanda, also had a birthday a day or so earlier. Wonderful people.

Over in Woodville, there was a community picnic and, of course we were not involved, but during that occasion it was George Foote’s 80th birthday as part of the celebration. So let’s go anyway.

At first, I felt uncomfortable, but – since George was their village commissioner where we both share that responsibility – we wanted to wish a happy birthday. We took part in the corn boil and hot dogs. The thought occurred – my wife was born in Woodville, so I was feeling better about being there. “More corn please!”

A month or two earlier, Vivian Bishop celebrated here 90th birthday and a grand celebration was held in the Cambridge Baptist Church. She looked young for 90. A gracious lady.

Sorry to report Norman Palmer and his wife are in hospital as the result of a highway accident last week.

After battling cancer, Rod Reeves has succumbed to this terrible disease. A Masonic service was held Friday night at the Berwick Baptist Church and the funeral services was on Saturday.

We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family. Rod played a major part in so many organizations, being on the go continuously.