High-flying entrance wows at Central Kings prom

Jennifer Hoegg jhoegg@kingscountynews.ca
Published on June 23, 2014

Soaring above the school on prom night is a bad time to find out your date is afraid of heights.

“He was quite nervous. He wanted to take the car and I wanted to take the helicopter,” Central Kings grad Hillary Dort said of her date, 18-year-old Kentville resident Reid Cameron.

“He didn’t realize he was afraid of heights until we were up there.”

The pair swooped down on the Central Kings soccer field June 21 in a helicopter owned and piloted by a family friend.

“They came and picked us up in the backyard,” the 17-year-old Waterville resident said. “We did a little fly by and then came down. It was very fun and it was very cool to see everything from up above.”

Dort said it was the first year CK grads had done a formal entrance for their big night and she wanted a fun surprise. After clearing the idea with the school administration, she kept the plan to herself in case weather prevented the high-flying arrival. 

She certainly surprised the crowd waiting to take photos of the graduates.

“I saw a bunch of people look up!”

Their grand entrance wasn’t done yet – there were still a few hundred metres to go before they reached the doors.

“After we got in the helicopter we actually jumped in a Mustang and drove up to get out,” she said.

And the prom?

“It was so much fun,” Dort said. “Classy and fun.”

The cafeteria was beautifully decorated, she said, and a post-prom safe grad event offered a full night of activities and games, from a bouncy kingdom to mini golf.

“There was so much to do,” Dort said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Cameron, 18, graduated in 2013 from Northeast Kings and attends school in Calgary. Dort plans to attend Acadia in the fall to study chemistry.