Much praise shared at Barrington Sea Cadet review

Corps has top sea cadet for NS

Greg Bennett
Published on May 28, 2014

Shelburne County has the top sea cadet in Nova Scotia.

On Saturday at the Barrington Municipal Arena, as dozens of people came out to see the 327 Unicorn Sea Cadet Squadron’s annual review, CPO1 Desiree Atwood received the Navy League Medal of Excellence. Atwood was, of six other medal winners in the province, chosen as the province’s top cadet.

The squadron was reviewed during the ceremony by Cdmr. E.G. Forward who joined Her Majesty’s Canadian Forces in 1989.  He graduated from RMC in 1995 with a degree in Commerce and joined the East Coast Fleet.  He has served all over the world from CFS ALERT to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan Posted to Director of Maritime Logistics in 2011, he deployed as Task Force Commander of Task Force Darfur, OP SATURN, Canada’s contribution to the United Nations-African Union hybrid mission in Darfur.

The Commanding Officer of the Squadron Lt (N) Allen Brannen also gave a rousing address about the importance of the cadet program.

The following awards were handed out during the ceremony;

Outstanding First year female, Cdt Lindsay Nickerson; Outstanding First Year  Male, Cdt Derek MacCarthy; Junior Most Improved, Cdt Jacob Almiro; Junior Fellowship Award, Cdt Brianna Urquart; Clifford Newell Junior Seamanship Award, Cdt Megan Atwood, Chief Lucas Amirault, Marksmanship Award, PO1 Mariah Nickerson, Music Award, Cdt Kyle Christie; Citizenship Award, PO1 Grace Brannen; Leadership Award, PO1 Austin Amirault; Peer Award, PO1 Mariah Nickerson; Best All Around, CPO2 Brett Nickerson; Coxswain’s Swagger Stick, CPO1 Diseree Atwood; CO’s Award, PO1 Tanisha Finlay.

The Sea Cadet Long Service Medal recognizes 4 continuous years of exceptional and honorable service.  A bar is given for each additional year of service and attached to the medal’s ribbon Earle Corn, NS Mainland Division presented the Sea Cadet Long Service Medals and Bars. 


  • POs Dustin Newell, Dustin Stoddard and Chandra Nickerson

5th  year bar

  • PO1 Austin Amirault, PO1 Tanisha Finlay, CPO2 Mallory Mackay, CPO2 Brett Nickerson, PO1 Mariah Nickerson, Po1 Shannon Nickerson, PO1 Mary Theriault

6th year bar

  • CPO1 Desiree Atwood

During the ceremony Stephanie Wickens, the sister of the late Sgt. Kirk Taylor, a local soldier who died in Afghanistan on Dec. 30, 2009, presented the Sgt Kirk Taylor Memorial Scholarship to CPO1 Desiree Atwood. Sgt. Taylor was a petty officer with 327 UNICORN in 1997-99, when the corps was in its infancy.

The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence which recognizes individual endeavors of a citizenship nature was awarded to PO1 Mary Theriault. 

Reviewing Officer Commander Forward also presented the Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal to CPO2 Mallory Mackay.