Kings county council votes to support Burlington Canada Day events

Kirk Starratt
Published on May 27, 2014

Lorimer Daniels, 11, competes in the children’s horse pull at Burlington, pulling with his 3,175-pound team 8,400 pounds for a 2.64 percentage. S.Keddy

Since their 25th anniversary event was rained-out last year, Kings County council has agreed to help fund this year’s Burlington Community Club Canada Day celebrations.

Coun. Pauline Raven pointed out during discussion at the May 20 committee of the whole session that eligible projects could receive up to 25 per cent of the budget under Community Festival and Special Events funding guidelines. However, she said there was no budget submitted, only a letter, and national and civic holidays are ineligible. She recommended wording changes to the guidelines for future years.

Recreation co-ordinator Meg Cuming said she and Chief Administrative Officer Tom MacEwan are reviewing all Municipal Economic Development Fund policies. Warden Diana Brothers pointed out that the Community Festival and Special Events guidelines are just that, guidelines, not policies.

Coun. Jim Winsor said if polices or guidelines say ‘no’, then “that, to me, is the answer.” He said he feels for the community but he doesn’t want to compromise council’s integrity and processes.

“I’ve voting ‘no’ in support of the integrity of this council,” he said.

MacEwan said there is an exception in the guidelines to allow for milestone anniversaries. He said the Burlington Community Club’s 25th anniversary event was rained out last year. MacEwan pointed out that a guideline doesn’t bind council.

Raven moved an amendment that would state council’s approval would be in exception to the guidelines due to the cancelation of the 25th anniversary event. The amendment carried and councillors voted to recommend approval of the funding request.

Area councillor Brian Hirtle, Deputy Warden, said this is “a very crucial request” from the community club. He said it’s their main fundraiser for the year and he understood they were eligible to apply.

Cuming said staff recommended approval because this is a popular community event that draws in 1,500 people and they haven’t requested funding before.

Later in the agenda, council considered a request from the Natural Medicine Standards and Compliance Committee of Nova Scotia for $500 in funding. This would support a day of low cost workshops on natural health, promoting local accredited natural health practitioners and businesses in Burlington on July 20.

Raven pointed out that they are eligible to apply for 25 per cent of the budget, which would be $135, not $500. Cuming offered no explanation for the anomaly. The motion to recommend approval of $500 in funding carried.

Winsor said it was the second time that morning that a recommendation was made that wasn’t in accordance with the guidelines.

“I think this morning’s discussion wouldn’t have to happen at all if we had recommendations in accordance with the guidelines,” he said.