Movies are back at the Astor Theatre in Liverpool

Brittany W. Verge
Published on March 12, 2014
Chris Ball stands next to the digital projector now in use at the Astor Theatre.  After a year of fundraising, the digital projector was used for its first movie on March 7.
Brittany W. Verge Photo

Movies are once again a major part of the Astor Theatre with the installation of their new digital projector.

Chris Ball, manager of the Astor Theatre says that everything is installed except the new screen.

“Everything is working great, we’re just waiting to get our screen installed, we ran into some structural issues,” says Ball.

Ball says the new screen should be installed in about a month or so.  The installation will be an extra expenditure but Ball is unsure what the cost will be yet.

“We didn’t realize that the ceiling would need as much work as it does,” says Ball.

The current screen still works however, and movies will now be shown again.

The first movie to be shown to the public using the projector was the new Lego Movie.  The Astor’s last movie shown on film was Disney’s Frozen.

Ball says once the screen is in place, the hope is to have a re-opening ceremony.

The Astor Theatre Society held fundraisers throughout 2013 to pay for the new project, sound equipment and screen.  A $50,000 grant from the federal government was also given to the cause.

The Astor Theatre opened in 1902 as an opera house.  The Astor has been showing movies for 97 years.  The theatre started showing films around 1917 making it one of the oldest, if not the oldest theatres in Canada to show movies.