Creating a mobile app no small undertaking

Yarmouth County resident getting set to launch travel app

Published on July 31, 2014

Creating a mobile app is no small undertaking, as local resident Bernd Hansen can attest to. He’s been working on a tourism app since 2013. TINA COMEAU PHOTO

By Tina Comeau



A Yarmouth County resident likens the development of a mobile app to preparing a Christmas dinner for 1,000 people.

Everyone is eating a different dish. They finish their meal in 10 minutes. Yet the preparation time that went into it is massive.

With so much dependency by society on smartphone and tablets, the development of mobile apps is a business that many people are turning to – whether it be to develop the next highly-addictive game or to create something that provides people with information they need.

Local resident Bernd Hansen is striving for the latter as he prepares to roll out a Nova Scotia travel mobile app – NSTravelApp – which is a mobile app that will be available for iPhones and Android devices and will provide province-wide information on accommodations, events, attractions and contact listings. Other features will include maps, location finders, photo galleries, a memo pad, weather forecasts, a built-in emailer and Wave messaging, which is a Twitter-like messaging system.

Hansen says with data he’s receiving courtesy of and the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, the app – to be published by LWorld Media Inc, Hansen's business in Beaver River – will include around 5,000 travel-related text and photo listings from across the province, which can be searched by area or category.

Creating a mobile app is no small undertaking, although the time and work that go into one vary from app to app. Hansen, who runs a home-based company, LWorld Media Inc., has been developing this app since 2013.

In this age of technology, the way people travel has evolved. Tourism guides, brochures and maps are still important for the industry, but people are also increasingly depending on online information or smartphones to get them from Point A to Point Z, and all places in between.

A mobile app, whether it be for travel or for other uses, can be likened to a good stocked toolbox, Hansen says.

“Instead of going back to the garage or the hardware store to get this and that, you’ve got what you need at your fingertips,” he says.

He was aiming to launch the mobile app around the end of July.

While revenue is generated through the purchase of display listings, the app itself will be free to users and will be accessible through iTunes and Google Play.