CKF wins provincial safety award

Ashley Thompson
Published on July 3, 2014
CKF Inc. employees Kevin Gaudet, Gary Oickle, Gary Lynch and Malcolm Wilson show off the company’s Mainstay Safety Award of Excellence during an employee appreciation barbecue. 
Ashley Thompson

CKF Inc. has a new workplace safety trophy to add to its collection.

The Hantsport-based manufacturing company recently won the Mainstay Safety Award of Excellence.

“That’s considered the top award for a Nova Scotia company,” said Laurie Alders, a corporate risk manager with CKF.

Alders said there are programs in place at CKF to stress the importance of workplace safety but, at the end of the day, the success of each program depends on the employees. 

“Our employees are top-notch. We have about 270 of the best employees in Nova Scotia that work in this company.”

It’s been almost six years since the last lost-time injury at CKF’s plant in Hantsport, Alders added.

“We figured that we had a pretty good chance to get this award but when we got it … it’s like winning the Stanley Cup,” he said. “It’s the big one and you don’t do it every day.”

Alders said focusing on reducing the number of accidents leading to injuries creates safer workplaces and drastically reduces costs.

A press release announcing the fifth annual Mainstay Awards winners credits CKF for promoting safety in the workplace by setting bold targets, engaging employees in safety programs and working with external safety auditors to identify areas of improvement.

“This year’s winners have achieved some remarkable safety results that are truly inspiring,” said Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia CEO Stuart MacLean, in the prepared statement. “By making and living the commitment to only do something if they can do it safely within their own workplaces, they are helping create a safer province for all Nova Scotian workers.”

CKF, a Scotia Investments Limited company that produces Royal Chinet plates and packaging products, is operational 24 hours a day.