Valley teams host Mexican soccer players

Jennifer Hoegg
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MexiCanada Cup on Aug. 4 and 5 in Windsor

By Jennifer Hoegg

Wolfville played host to an international soccer match Thursday night.

The under-10 boys team hosted peers from Mexico City, in the area for a tournament this weekend at Kings-Edgehill School in Windsor.

“The Mexican players are very skilled, their level of competition is great for our local players to see and draw motivation from,” the Wolfville team’s coach, Kayla Tidd.

At the Aug 2 game, it was clear the Mexican boys are skilled players for their age.

“Probably the level (of skill) is better because Mexico is a soccer country,” visiting  coach Alfonso Carrasco said.

Wolfville’s Heather Hill, who hosted a dinner for the players before the game, said it was a great experience.

“Although the game itself was lopsided in the Mexicans' favour,” she said, " I think both sides had fun.”

The boys exchanged pins and flags at the end of the game while they shared freezies.

The U10 players and an U14 Mexico City team were here to play in a tournament under the direction of Mick Murray of West Hants United Soccer Club.

Kings-Edgehill teacher Kevin Lakes said the event came to be after the Windsor private school’s head boy was working at a soccer camp in Mexico, where he met Carrasco.

 “Alfonso wanted to develop a sporting exchange with Canada for his soccer club” Lakes said.  “We struck up a friendship online and he brought 15 boys and seven parents for a week to Kings-Edgehill and we organized a tournament: the MexiCanada Cup.”  

The Mexican group has been enjoying the local area and playing friendly matches with their Nova Scotian peers.

“It has been a great success and the boys are having a good time and local clubs have been hospitable,” Lakes said. “We hope to build on it next year and have more teams at our tournament and maybe more Mexican teams come.”

Carrasco said he would like to have Canadian soccer squads come to his country next year.

"Mexico … opens its arms to receive Canadians,” he said, adding his players are enjoying their trip to Nova Scotia.

“My boys are very excited to stay here,” Carrasco said. “We try to offer a new experience.”

The match-ups are a “unique opportunity to play against another country at such a young age,” Tidd said. “This is all such a great way to promote Nova Scotia. 

 “This tournament serves as a nice season ending event for many of the teams,” she added.  “Soccer season will be wrapping up within the next two weeks, heading into playoffs for ages 12 and up.”

For more photos, see our slideshow.

Local teams will meet the Mexicans on the pitch at Kings-Edgehill’s Jakeman Field Aug. 4 and 5



August 4 tournament schedule

Opening ceremonies at 9 a.m.

Time   Age      Field 1                                   

8:15    u10     Mexico                     v          Wolfville        

9:30    u14     Mexico                       v          East Kings 1  

10:15  u10     Mexico                       v          Falmouth Webb       

11:00  u14     Mexico                       v          WH Lahey     

11:45  u10     Wolfville                     v          Falmouth Webb       

12:30  u14     East Kings 1               v          WH Lahey     

2:00    u10     WH Davison               v          Falmouth Webb       

2:45    u14     WH Wilson                 v          WH Lahey     

3:30    u10     Wolfville                     v          WH Davison  

4:15    u14     East Kings 1               v          WH Wilson    


Time   Age      Field 2                                               

8:15    u10     Kings West                 v          WH Davison  

9:30    u14     East Kings 2               v          WH Wilson    

10:15  u10     Wolfville                     v          Kings West    

11:00  u14     East Kings 1               v          East Kings 2  

11:45  u10     Mexico                        v          WH Davison  

12:30  u14     Mexico                        v          WH Wilson    

2:00    u10     Mexico                        v          Kings West    

2:45    u14     Mexico                        v          East Kings 2  

3:30    u10     Kings West                 v          Falmouth Webb       

4:15    u14     East Kings 2               v          WH Lahey     

Organizations: Kings-Edgehill School, West Hants United Soccer Club

Geographic location: Mexico City, Windsor, U14 Mexico Nova Scotia Canada Nova Scotian

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  • Jennifer Hoegg
    August 14, 2012 - 20:46

    Hi Joe, Thanks for your comment. I was only invited to the one match in Wolfville and the story was published online before the tournament, but my colleague in Windsor attended the MexiCanada Cup. There are additional photos in a slideshow

  • Joe
    August 14, 2012 - 17:25

    Too bad you didnt show other teams and not just Wolfville. Sheesh