Tropical Storm Arthur

The Atlantic hurricane season began with post-tropical storm Arthur slamming hard into western Nova Scotia July 5, 2014.


Tropical Storm Arthur
Cleaning up Yarmouth after Arthur.
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- June 30, 2016
- 19 h 00

You seem to be ignorant or something! People aren't pissed at lowly linesman! Except for the fact they eat out on us every single day they work! People are pissed at the fact the people at the top of this company won't run it properly! There is no reason why your ol pa should be over worked! Nova Scotia power should be able to hire as many people as possible to keep the power on. The people at the top refuse to hire enough staff but continue to Jack the rates and line their pockets! They O absolutely no maintenance to the lines. They allow trees to grow over top of them. If you or I went out to cut them down we could get a hefty fine. I was told the only time they cut back trees is when they fall on the line and cause a power outage! I've lost power so many times in the last 2 years since I bought my home in the country side it's made me regret moving here! I'm thankful I have a wood stove and a generator but I shouldn't have to rely on gas for a week at a time to power my effing house! I'm sck of being told that because my road only has 30 some houses in it I'm not a priority! I had to pay the same prices as everyone one else!

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Kindness for Carmen June 06, 2016

People across the province- and country-  have been paying it forward with kindness in memory of a five-year-old Shelburne girl. 

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 Carmen Huskilson, pictured with her brother Ryan, inspired people across the country to do random acts of kindness. (Submitted photo)