West Hants resident requests province help solve fire services issue

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Editor’s Note: This letter was provided to the Hants Journal for possible inclusion in the voice of the people section. The letter was addressed to Mark Furey, the minister responsible for Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. It has been edited to fit our format.


I am writing in regards to the West Hants council’s decision to not use the Windsor Fire Department going forward.

First off, I would like to state that my parents are both involved with the Windsor Fire Department; however, I am now a full-grown adult capable of forming a rational non-conflicted opinion about the community I live in. I also believe it’s because they are involved that I will not be heard. 

It is also because they are involved I know the Windsor Fire Department cares about the community as a whole not just town. I also know they have served this community regardless of the asinine thoughts of the West Hants council and lack of payment for several years.

I, as a resident of West Hants in Sweets Corner, am not in favour of this decision. The WFD has provided service for over 60 years to the satisfaction of most residents within the community, both in town and out. This decision has been made with egos and not common sense.

The West Hants council assures us that this is what the “people” want. Well prove it to me. Have a referendum; have the people show you. If the vote comes out 51/49 per cent in your favour, I will concede that it truly is what the people want.

As for cost effectiveness, prove that to me as well. For certain council members, who are so sure of conflict of interest when it suits their agenda, show me an independent review of costs. Not by a person who used to be a member of the Windsor Fire Department with a possible grudge. Show me that response times will be better, show me that Falmouth won’t be forgotten, show me my taxes and my insurance won’t be going up. Show me that your new fire department will have trained experienced firefighters to the same calibre, or better, of the Windsor Fire Department. Show me it all and I will concede, however I don’t think this will be the case.

After graduating college and living a few years in the city, I decided to come back to the Windsor community and settle in Sweets Corner. I came back because of family and the community feeling you get when you live in a smaller community. It just feels cozier. I also came back because I thought we were moving forward with more shared services, that Windsor and West Hants would grow together and not fight each other. We share schools, libraries, why should this be any different? In an age where so many communities are dissolving, this was a chance for us to grow together but this makes us further and further apart.

Please take the time to consider what is being done here in West Hants and help them to be guided to a direction for the people and ensure that members of the council are not abusing their power for their own personal agenda.


Alicia Smith,

Sweets Corner

Organizations: Windsor Fire Department, West Hants council, Hants Journal

Geographic location: West Hants, Nova Scotia, Windsor Hants County

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Recent comments

  • Leah Rissesco
    May 19, 2014 - 14:27

    Yes lately there seems to be a great deal associated with West Hants to be ashamed about living here. Sickens me.

  • Sandy Hopkins
    May 19, 2014 - 12:33

    Alicia, you took the words right out of my mouth, I too share your thoughts and concerns as a resident of Falmouth, a small business owner, a tax payer. I do not want to see my insurance go up because I will have to wait for service from Three. Mile Plains, to which my house and property will not be protected quickly enough. I do not want to see my taxes go up either. It's enough that my taxes are already paying for Brooklyn's new fire department. I don't think I can afford another department. And my concerns will go on deaf ears as I am a wife to a WFD Volunteer firefighter even though I'm a resident of Falmouth. Too bad Falmouth couldn't amalgamate with Windsor rather then be part of West Hants to which I am ashamed to be tied to, with this egotistical behaviour. Just saddens me. I feel like my opinion and others of West Hants does not matter as the Warden and his buddies are going to do what they want.