LETTER: Zion saga one of “monumental proportion”

Fred Hatfield
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In every saga there are protagonists, a heroic goal and a hero. We can agree that the story of Zion Baptist Church is a saga of monumental proportion.

The protagonists in this case are the trustees of Zion Baptist Church, Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia and Arts & Culture in the Tri-Counties Society. There is interest from the Heritage Canada National Trust and the church congregants but they have been relegated to the side-lines with observer status.

The heroic goal, of course, is the fate of Zion Baptist Church and the protagonists have different views on the outcome. Various actions have been taken by all parties to no avail and the fate remains unknown.

Alas, there is opportunity for a true hero to emerge from the morass. The hero I speak of is the community writ large. The only true “owner” (past, present and future) of the church is the community and although the protagonists hold different opinions on technical ownership the church belongs to us all.

ACTS and HTNS may envision the site as a vibrant event centre with many uses and the trustees may envision a rubble pile for a single purpose but only a community should decide which path to follow. If the community has the wherewithal to support the re-purposing of the site it will be the hero for generations yet to come. A once errant Council might become bold and throw its support towards preservation of the heritage tapestry that makes Yarmouth a unique destination. All this is possible if the dream is seen as reality and the communal will is found.

Of course, the saga may end in a much sadder manner and we will never experience this magnificent and historic structure again. The positive protagonists seek only your moral support as a community and an opening of the wonderful minds to the possibilities. In the end this saga will have an outcome that will be good or bad,,,,you decide.

Larry Deveau,



Organizations: Zion Baptist Church, Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia and Arts Culture, Tri-Counties Society Heritage Canada National Trust

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