Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland responds to doctor’s letter

Jonathan Riley, Digby Courier
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Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland

It has been wonderful to follow the discussions as a result of the letter by Dr. Ron about why we “cannot attract  doctors to our community".

[Much of this discussion is happening on the Digby County Courier Facebook group. Ed's note.]

First, it does truly please me to see the number of people that are so passionate about their  home.

Let's not forget first we do have a new  doctor in our town and over the next 12 months we will have three more joining us.

But I do note with interest that the author of this letter is a doctor who did make the choice to become a valuable member of our community.

To know the reasons why he chose Digby would be helpful as we continue to improve our health care.

Other initiatives the town is undertaking include an organizational review which will soon be presented to the public.

Also there will be a presentation on the challenges facing towns in Nova Scotia and the public will be invited to participate in the budget process.

Look for those dates over the next few months.

Mayor Ben Cleveland


Geographic location: Cleveland, Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • Kathy Melanson
    January 15, 2014 - 23:00

    I would like to see what the Town of Digby is going to do for our kids to keep them off drugs and off the streets. Also what is there to do in Digby for adults, bars and tavern. I am missing a lot of friends that have left Digby for better jobs with more money out west. There is a lot of welfare and unemployment in Digby. Most jobs are part time and min wage. Raising a family here is sad! What do our kids do and where can we work Mayor ? The old Tideview building could have been used for something to entertain our kids. But im sure you have a reason why the town kids could not use this building. Thinking of moving our self just from the boredom in this Town

  • John
    January 15, 2014 - 08:38

    just a word about the mayor answer to Dr.Ron letter i'm glad someone is finally standing up to the big people of Digby the Mayor said he glad the people is passionate about there home he right about that but its people like him that ruins our passion for our home.if we could sell our hose we would move to today Can some one tell me did the towns people get a raise and is it true they the town brought a new truck?? I hope the people of Diby when the next election come up the will get smart about who the vote for its like ottawa take all the people hard working money were not like the town but getting over payed for what they do we have to work hard for our money when the get extra thank you

  • Philippe Frigault
    January 15, 2014 - 04:25

    Dear Ben Cleveland and Doctor Ron It is nice to talk and brag about this and that but I think you both are missing the point. Doctor Lafkovici is gone and Doctor Nourrian is in, so +1 and -1 = 0 so we are not ahead of anything I would say it is worst now because of the fact that Dr Nourrian is not taking over Dr Lafkovici's office and patient s like it should be done, I believe it is because he has sign a contract with the Hospital so they could make all the money. Now to an other subject, the Medi Bus Services are on hold so where does a person with no doctor goes to= out patients , so who make the money= the Doctor you see at the hospital and the Hospital you go to so it becomes a vicious circle and who pays for all this= the people like you and me. I wonder what it will be in 10 years from now,only God knows.