Editorial: Stop for buses – It bears repeating

Tina Comeau
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It is sad to think that some motorists have to continuously be reminded not to pass school buses that have their red lights activated.

But such is the case for school boards across the province.

With another school year starting Sept. 4, hopefully it is a lesson that everyone will finally learn.

It wasn’t one everyone seemed to understand last year as the Tri-County Regional School Board said there were in excess of 100 incidents where motorists didn’t stop for buses that had their red lights activated.

And as if it wasn’t bad enough that people didn’t stop as they were approaching a bus, others were passing buses from the rear, where students perhaps crossing the road wouldn’t see these vehicles until it was too late – and vice versa.

We get it. It can be inconvenient when you’re behind a school bus that is stopping and starting, stopping and starting. But most times when it is safe to do so these buses will pull over to allow traffic behind them to pass.

We are a society that is always in a rush to get everywhere. But can anyone be in such a hurry that they need to put a student’s life at risk? Of course not, and we know that no one wants to see a student injured or killed – motorists included.

So stop for buses that have their red lights activated. Please.

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Organizations: Tri-County Regional School Board

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