Editorial: Car show on Main Street a good move

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A summer tradition is well underway, this being the annual festivals that are held throughout Yarmouth County.

The largest of these festivals is Seafest, which got underway last week and wraps up this weekend.

Our newspaper ­– in fact, all of us as a community – would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to thank all of the volunteers who help with the organizing of these festivals and the running of the events.

These festivals don’t just happen. Many months of planning go into these events. Meetings are held. Emails are exchanged. Ideas are bounced about.

We see the end result, but we don’t see all of the details that went into achieving it.

It is refreshing to see that even traditional events can mix things up. A prime example of this is the Classic Car Show held on Main Street this past Saturday.

This event has always been held in a parking lot away from the downtown core. Thought had been given in the past to moving it onto Main Street, but those thoughts always hit a dead end.

Close Main Street to traffic?

But twice now in the span of less than a year not only has it been done, but it has been a success. We saw it in September when the Redwood Cup national PlayOn! championship was held in Yarmouth. During that event we heard people commenting about how much they liked the promenade feel of replacing vehicle traffic with foot traffic on Main Street.

Main Street felt vibrant, they said.

Well, if it worked for hockey, then why not for a car show? After all, not too far from here it works for motorcycles too.

Kudos to the Roaring 20s Antique Auto Club ­– which organizes the Seafest Classic Car Show with the help of the Seafest committee and others – for bringing the idea of moving the car show to Main Street back to the table.

On Saturday we saw people of all ages walking up and down Main Street looking at the old cars. People were smiling. They were taking pictures. Many were reminiscing about the cars they used to drive when they were younger. They were having fun.

The mood, once again, was vibrant.

It didn’t just feel like a car show.

It felt like a true community event.

Sure, the organizers probably have things they’d like to tweak. But we’re certain they – and downtown businesses – were pleased to see so many people on Main Street.

There’s just something about taking ownership of the Main Street of your town.

Now of course we’re not suggesting that you close down Main Street all of the time. But we are suggesting that people not close their minds to future possibilities.

After all, you can’t really know if something can’t ­– or can – be done until you first give it a try.

Organizations: Roaring 20s Antique Auto Club, Seafest committee

Geographic location: Yarmouth County

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