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It’s the time of year, again, when many of us feel the urge to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. Whether they involve getting fit, losing weight, cutting back on addictive behaviours, getting out of debt, or setting new career goals, any commitment to change requires a lot of hard work and adjustments in one’s day-to-day habits. For this reason, it is probably not a great idea to tackle too many resolutions at once.


It’s also good to recognize that resolutions don’t need to be accomplished in the early days of the New Year. An understanding that slow and steady wins the race can mean the difference between success or failure in any venture.


For those of you tempted to make some kind of promises in the New Year, why not consider making one to yourself, one to another person and one to the planet? They don’t need to be earth shattering or difficult to achieve. A resolution to yourself could include finding ways to have more fun in your life. Helping an elderly neighbour with yard work or snow removal is also easily managed. And there any number of things that we can do to improve the health of our planet, from consuming less water to making sure we recycle as much as possible. Neither actions are too overwhelming, but they do have the potential to make a difference, especially if everyone were to commit to some small environmental change.


When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, it’s just as important to look back to the past as it is forward to the coming year. You can’t make any progress until you identify what needs tweaking in your life.


Whether you see making resolutions as an opportunity for improvement or an invitation to defeat, New Years is positioned as a convenient time to reflect on the adjustments you want (or need) to make and to resolve to find a way to create change that works for you and the world around you.




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