Kindness at Christmas

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Tis the season to be jolly but often it seems there is more stress than jolly tidings.

Canada Post

Every Christmas, towns are abuzz with shoppers, retail workers, and others working hard to prepare for the holidays.  Whilst this happens, many decry the commercialization of the holidays.

Christmas has been very commercial for many years, there’s evidence in this from newspaper ads to just the gift giving tradition in general. 

Christmas is commercial, getting upset about it won’t change that.  So what can be done?

Slow down during the holiday season.  Halifax has had several car accidents a week. Queens has had their fair share as well, including two pedestrian accidents.  If shopping and such makes you feel overwhelmed, keep that in mind and take a breather before hopping in your car.  Maybe shop when you can do it leisurely or go with friends to make it more social. 

People often get very upset with retail workers as well.  These workers are usually working much more and much harder than any other time of the year.  There are deals and specials on, there are tons of stressed out people around, and they’re just trying to do their best to get their work done and have a good Christmas themselves.  Keep that in mind when you talk to them.  You may be stressed, but maybe they’re stressed too.  A smile goes a long way for a busy retail employee.

If folks want to make Christmas less commercial, the way to do it is to stress less about the gifts.  Make things for your family, help with the Christmas meal, have everyone over for Christmas Eve chowder, make some cookies or wine to give out. 

If you can’t get that ultimate toy you wanted to get your child, use it as a teaching moment to explain how to live within one’s means.  Perhaps if we taught that more often, people would walk into a lot less debt when they grew up.  

But above all, if you want Christmas to be less commercial, be kind to your fellow man, enjoy the small things, if you want to gift – do it within your means and from the heart.

Because when we look back and think of Christmases gone past, do we remember a favourite toy or the taste of Gran’s cookies?  Or the laughs you had with your siblings while waiting for Santa? Or that extra glass of wine you had with your Mom?  It’s the memories that last forever.

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