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Fred Hatfield
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The tree at the south end playground in Yarmouth.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a difference.

Take what happened in the town’s south end last week.

The playground on Main Street became home, once again, to a Christmas tree. Some of the other trees growing in the playground also got decked out with lights like the ones they have adorning just about everything that grows in Frost Park in centre town.

Little things like that can go a long way toward nurturing community pride.  And let’s face it, the south end of town can use a boost.

The lantern poles along a big part of south Main Street have been decorated to look like candy canes. Atop some of them are little Christmas signs saying ‘believe’.

Believe indeed.

Even those with nothing more than a basic knowledge of this town’s history know that the south end of town was once the main part of Yarmouth. Just look at the huge houses that dot many of the streets down there. Those weren’t always apartment buildings  in disrepair. They were once the homes of prominent people. The most prominent people in town. People who took pride in their homes.

But no part of town can escape change and the south end of town cannot sit back for even more decades and wish it was what it once was.

That takes work.

It takes little things, a lot of little things, like having a Christmas tree in the playground. Many can remember years back when there was a Christmas tree in that playground. A little thing, but one that shows Christmas doesn't start and end in centre town.

And kudos to those who saw fit to bring it back.

The north end of town has the Milton Improvement Society, a group that has for decades now worked to make improvements to that part of Yarmouth. The work the Milton Improvement Society does often goes unnoticed because so much of that part of town is in such fine shape to start with. The things they do to beautify Milton likely get taken for granted by those outside that part of town.

The south end of town, on the other hand,  is in desperate need of improvements and one need only look at the candy cane lamp posts down there to realize further north on Main Street there are actual lanterns but south end doesn’t have the full thing. South end gets the bottom half of the lanterns but not the actual lights. Few down there would be surprised. Something for town council to rectify.

There is a sense of pride in all parts of this community, the south end of town being no exception. Many people have fine homes there. Many take pride in keeping their property in tip-top shape. But sadly there are pockets in that end of town, as we see now in other parts of Yarmouth, where perhaps stricter  enforcement of unsightly premises regulations would go a long way to restoring dignity to a part of town in need of restoration.

Bring back the pride. Start with the little things. It’ll spread.

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Recent comments

  • Rosemary Guyette
    December 17, 2013 - 22:07

    As someone who has worked hard to restore one of the properties, it is hard to see boards covering the house next door. Many of our neighbours do take pride on their homes, but people tend to overlook our places, because we are southenders. I know it all too well, I used to look down on this end of town too.