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Glenn Ells
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By Glenn Ells

This photo was likely taken in the 1930s of George Chase’s horse team. - Submitted

We were just getting used to complaining about the severe winter weather when, suddenly, it was gone. Above-freezing temperature, both night and day, teamed up with lots of rain to make the snow disappear and the frost came out of our roads. It has probably happened before, but it seems unusual to close gravel roads to heavy loads by imposing weight restrictions by Jan. 16.

Forecasts say that we will return to lower temperatures and snow by week’s end, so maybe it will get cold enough to life the restrictions soon. If not, it will be a long winter for the trucking industry and our roads.

An old friend dropped off a photo of a four-in-hand hitch of draft horses today and asked if any of my readers may be able to help him find out more about it. The photo was an old newspaper clipping that doesn’t give much help in establishing what year it was taken. From the text under the team, we can speculate that this hitch, won in Calgary before George Chase brought them here to work on his farms. When he showed them at the provincial exhibition, which was probably in Halifax then, they won again. I seem to remember that the exhibition in Halifax was discontinued during the Second World War and reopened in Truro in 1946. Maybe someone knows about that and can confirm. That would mean that this old photo was taken in 1938 or before. I remember when George A had horses at Lower Canadrd and Hillcrest, but my memory doesn’t go back to the 1930s, except for my fourth birthday in 1938.

If anyone can help determine when this was taken, give Victor Miner a call at 632-2632.


Geographic location: Halifax, Calgary, Hillcrest

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