Kings North News: Winter Memories

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Winter officially began on Dec. 21 and I don't think that there is any doubt that it is well and truly here. I can remember some years when we were all in angst over the possibility of a "green Christmas," but this seems more like the winters from my childhood.

I remember that every winter, we had a huge snowdrift in the yard and could coast down it, across the road and into the field. There was little danger as we did this fun activity while waiting for the road to be plowed and school to reopen. There was a clothesline from the house to the barn and often blizzard conditions required my dad to use it as a guide to get to the barn for chores. The line was normally too high to reach, but the snow drift made most of it waist height. It was tough times but we all seemed to make out fine.

Looking back, I realize that there was some sort of invisible clothesline connecting the neighbourhood too. We looked out for our neighbours and they looked out for us. The habit some had of listening in on the party line telephone meant that any emergency was very quickly known to all and responded too. As much as we hated the party line eavesdroppers, we certainly appreciated the timely neighbourly help!

The informal system of yesteryear has been mostly replaced by the truly excellent service we now receive. Gone are the days of no power or school or plowed roads for a week. So hat’s off to the linemen and snow plow drivers! You have all done a great job these past few weeks. You sacrificed a big part of your Christmas providing the essential services we all depend on, in very cold conditions and unrelenting poor weather. So I would like to say a big thanks to all those who stepped up and helped keep roads open and the power on! Your efforts are much appreciated!

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