Fun running and other winter dreams

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As Simple as That - a column by Jonathan Riley

This column was written last year and published in the Courier but didn't make it online til now...

Winter can be very inspiring.

On one of my night runs in early December I was enjoying the Christmas lights and it occurred to me maybe others would too.

A couple Facebook posts later and the Digby Rudolph Run was born.

Six of us managed to find a night when we could all make it. Sean Merrett (first place finisher in the first ever Scallywag), Tanya Parker and Spencer came down with a stroller all decked out in lights and a big red Rudolph nose.

Jess Duncan, Neil Pothier and I rounded out the group.

We took took off after supper for an easy jog with plenty of stops.

First stop: the inflatable garden behind John Soles at the bottom of Prince William. Then Neil Pothier’s and of course Al Dupuis’.

It was nice to be out in the fresh air enjoying the lights, to be able to stop as long as we wanted and to be able to really look the displays over.

A walk would be nice too but the decorators of Digby would have to step it up a bit before it was really enjoyable. Jogging enabled us to move relatively quickly between the hot spots in town.

The next hot spot is of course the top of Church Street—by the time we’d run up there believe you me, we needed a little rest.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t running – we more into sightseeing and talking than speed.

From Church Street we went along Victoria and down St. Mary’s to Ralph and Michelle Cummings, one of the best-decorated spots in town.

And I’m not just saying that because of the candy canes, cookies and steaming mugs of hot chocolate they gave us. Although that hot chocolate was good.

And that was it. That’s all it takes to organize a quick fun active night.

We all went home different ways from there though Neil Pothier had to jog with me cause he left his truck at the Courier.

We talked about other simple fun activities we could arrange. We joked about getting the town to block off Church Street after the first big snow storm for tobogganing. We talked of other hills in town with less cars on them.

We thought about some of the nice winter hikes too – of local waterfalls that take on a gorgeous mantle of ice in the winter.

We even mulled over a winter Scallywag run, walk or hike.

“I’m not going through the water then,” said Neil, beaming.

Winter is a great time for dreaming. I’d love to hear from anyone out there interested in winter outdoor activity or adventure.

What are your winter dreams?

Geographic location: Church Street, Victoria

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