LETTER: Our New Ferry – Use it or Lose it

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I had the distinct pleasure of taking the new Nova Star Ferry from Yarmouth to Portland. It was so much more than a ferry; it was a mini-cruise. 

Letter to the Editor

Nova Star has gone out of its way to hire crew who has experience in the cruise industry and it’s evident from the time you walk on board. You are not a passenger you are a guest and treated as such. The food was outstanding, world class dining in the Fathoms Lounge. The price was very reasonable. You would not find a restaurant anywhere in that price range with the quality of meal and service. Spa services (yes it has a spa) were reasonably priced and the competence of the young women was exceptional. An hour in the spa is a wonderful way to pass the time when the ferry is passing through the permanent fog bank that lives off of Yarmouth.

 On our return we had a cabin that is very comfortable with reading lights over the beds. The bathroom was supplied with excellent toiletries. Someone said they thought the bathroom was small but it was comparable in size to any cruise ship I have travelled on. The entire ship was immaculately clean.

The one negative I have to say, on leaving Yarmouth we were 34 passengers on board. It is disheartening when we heard so much publicity from everyone that we needed the ferry back. Now its here and it needs our support.

Another note is that in the waiting area on the Portland side there are banks of information about Portland and surrounding area. Stuck off in a corner away from everyone is a stack of Doers and Dreamers guides. There is no other tourism information for the passengers who are waiting to go to NS. Is there a restriction on advertising in the USA?

Come on folks, give yourself a mini vacation and take the ferry! Use it or lose it.

Judy James


Geographic location: New Ferry, Yarmouth, Portland USA Brooklyn

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Recent comments

  • Lilly Tyler
    June 26, 2014 - 08:06

    Well said Judy!!

  • John Townsend
    June 24, 2014 - 09:51

    I was very impressed by the letter from Judy James with respect to the Nova Star. It is positive comments such as this that refect so well on her experience as a seasoned travller, therefore to actually make comparisions to other vessels. Ms. James is quite correct this vital link must be used. It appears that Nova Star cruises are exceeding 1000 booking a day, and have been doing so for the past week or so, great news. It would also appear that commercial traffic is up as well. I agree that this is the vessel to ply our waters. I will say that Yarmouth played a huge role in the reinstatement of this service, and thank you all. So much was lost with the axing of the previous ferry substidy, the numbers used to make this un-wise decision were not accurate. There is not a passenger carrying ferry from sea to shining sea in Canada that is not substidized, and it is money well spent. With the lose of the ferry substidy I was very upset that there was not more of an out cry from Municipal Gov.'t.'s along the South Shore. The tourist dollar is nearly all we have left. Summer homes being put on the market and sold as a result of the lose of the ferry. I firm stance should have been taken by the Municipal units along the South Shore, and I still do not understand why this did not happen. If all had pushed as the Mayor Mood in Yarmouth had, and continues to do. I was so pleased that she was requested to christen her the Nova Star. So much had been lost, and it will take several years to recoupe these losses. Again Ms. James is correct, the vessel simply must be used by . I thank you for such a gracious letter, letting other potential passengers hear first hand of what they can expect. Another resident of Brooklyn as well...Thanks John