A Week That Changed Our World: Sky’s the limit

Ty Dunham
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Each tattoo is a roadmap, ready to remind him of his life’s journey at a single glance.

Wabush, N.L., Monday, August 11, 2014. 1:28 pm. 

Heavy metal pours out of a hole in the wall of a desolate hallway in the once thriving Wabush mall in Labrador. A guitar solo is interrupted by bursts of a buzzing needle, like a mechanical bee driving its stinger into flesh.

Through the open door, on the other side of the long room with red walls and black flooring, a man lays on a stretcher, his arm extended as he looks the other way and winces. 
Matt Flynn hunches over the arm under the only bright light in the room, absorbed like a surgeon performing an operation. The needle’s vibrations ring through his fingers as it pokes past the epidermis. 
“Sky’s the limit,” the arm reads in black ink. It’s Brandon Paul’s ninth tattoo. A self-proclaimed tattoo addict, Paul’s newest purchase reminds him to believe in himself. Feels like a cigarette burn, he notes. 
Or cat scratches, says Flynn as he wipes away excess ink. 
Paul winces again as the sound of a demented dentist’s drill returns.
Flynn lost count of his own tattoos, but not the meaning. Never the meaning. Each tattoo is a roadmap, ready to remind him of his life’s journey at a single glance.

Some people express themselves through suits and ties. Flynn colours the landscape with tattoos, breathing in the special freedom of someone who creates, then watches as his work comes to life on the bodies of his customers.

His eyes widen as he fights the dryness in the air while staring at the darting needle, adding the finishing touches before revealing his art to the world.

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Geographic location: Labrador

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  • Mark-Anthony Reid
    August 28, 2014 - 20:40

    Yarmouth is blessed to have an incredible tatto artist like Mark Mc Auley Mark's Ink. Having lots of tattoos from different places in the world I was happy to see that Yarmouth had a tattoo artist like Mark. I take pride in my tattoos and would NOT let just anyone do a tattoo on me. So my advice to anyone looking to get some work done is to go with 24 years of experience and a love for what he does...and that would be Mark.