Lake Torment in East Dalhousie closed due to possible blue-green algae

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Lake Torment in East Dalhousie closed to swimmers due to algae bloom.

Stay out of the water in East Dalhousie, the province is warning area residents and visitors.

The water in Lake Torment is not safe to swim in, or drink water from, because of a possible blue-green algae bloom.

"While the risk is low, avoiding contact with the water is a simple precaution to prevent the potential health risks of some blue-green algae," said Gary O'Toole, director of environmental health at the provincial health department.

Blue-green algae blooms occur naturally and can produce toxins. People should not drink the water or use it to prepare or cook food, or to brush teeth. Boiling the water will not eliminate potential toxins.

People who have ingested water containing toxins from blue-green algae may experience stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Recreational use of the water, bathing and showering is also not advised. Direct contact with toxins from the algae can cause skin and eye irritation. If symptoms persist after a few days, consult a health-care provider.

Pets and other animals should not be permitted to drink or swim in the water.

Read more on the department's website.

Geographic location: Lake Torment, East Dalhousie

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Recent comments

  • Frank Thomas
    June 29, 2014 - 11:40

    I agree with the previous commenter. Something funny is going on at that lake, but whatever it is, Nova Scotia Environment isn't likely to investigate, care, or take action.

  • Julie Bancroft
    June 28, 2014 - 10:44

    This is NOT a natural occurrence. It is caused by too many nutrients in the water, often caused by agricultural activities occurring up stream. Chicken barns, mink farms, dairy, golf courses or businesses leaching phosphorous in the waterways . Mother Nature does not pollutes these lakes..we do. Our govt pretends this pollution is not dangerous, go on the Internet and see what other countries think about Cyanobacteria, and see the precautions they take. If you are interested in finding out about your lake. Get in a boat and follow the river upstream to the source. The Dept of Environment WILL NOT DO IT. Nor will your lake be posted to protect public health. If you put phosphorous in your lake in animal wastes etc "naturally" you will have a green/ Cyanobacteria laden lake. Do not swim, or inhale vapour into your lungs, dogs and children are the most susceptible.