Kings County governance group "encouraged" by One Nova Scotia report

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The Kings Citizens Coalition say it is encouraged by the findings of the One Nova Scotia report released today. 

“This is a strong message in support of the need for reform in the municipal governance models across the province,” a release from the KCC, which is pushing for a governance review of Kings County, stated.

“The Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy has heard the groundswell of conversation, and that the conversation has been prominent in Kings County with many of our citizens and political representatives behind the call for an independent study to determine the optimal model for local government in our region.”

To coincide with the launch of the One Nova Scotia report, the KCC launched a series of videos on Feb. 11. Read more here.

From the launch of the One Nova Scotia report on Feb. 12, the report highlights, "Leadership in pursuing extraordinary measures is first and foremost the role and responsibilities of the province's institutions of governance. Significant changes may be needed in how those institutions are structured..."

The commission also calls on the provincial government to "initiate a comprehensive review of current municipal government structures..."

Members of the KCC say this is a powerful statement that applies as directly to Kings County, as well as the rest of the province. 

“The Kings Citizens Coalition has been making this argument to the citizens of the county and to the county’s municipal units,” the release states. “We do not presume to know the optimal approach to local government in changing economic times, so simply want the options outlined and evaluated with depth so our local officials can make good decisions with full, unbiased information.”

This must include, but also must go beyond simple financial efficiency for tax purposes; it must also include strategic oversight, collaboration, alignment of policy, and community identity, the KCC says. 

“We believe this is the way forward to improve local economic prosperity and our collective social welfare, for today and the next generation,” the release continues.

“We are encouraged the One Nova Scotia report has reaffirmed the mission of the Kings Citizens Coalition.  However, the report can only convey the Commission's findings. It will take forward thinking municipal councils to act in the best interests of their citizens.  We will continue to encourage our local representatives to act in a thoughtful and strategic way.  We believe it is time for our local elected leaders to lead, that the status quo is unacceptable and that we must adapt or fall further behind economically.  We believe the One Nova Scotia report points the way forward to economic prosperity.”

The KCC went on to commend Acadia president Ray Ivany, who chaired the committee, and the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy for their work and analyses.

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