Tow truck called to free bus stuck in snow in Kentville area

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A tow truck had to be called after a bus became stuck in the snow in the Kentville area this morning.

While picking students destined for Aldershot Elementary up at the corner of Scott Drive and Rosedale Drive, the rear right wheel of the bus became trapped in the snow.

“It didn’t go off the road or in the ditch,” said Annapolis Valley Regional School Board communications officer Kristen Loyst. “It just became stuck in the snow.”

Kings County was blanketed with several centimetres of snow following a snowfall warning on Feb. 5. Although school was cancelled in Annapolis County, class was in session in Kings and West Hants, but the school board cautioned that buses would be operating with discretion on side roads.

Within 10 minutes, another bus was dispatched to the bus stop, where the eight students were brought to Aldershot Elementary, Loyst said. There, a staff member met them at the door to confirm they were alright. The school will also be sending a letter home to parents to inform them of the incident.

Loyst said an initial attempt to tow the bus out of the snow with another school bus failed and a tow truck was called to free it.

“In the whole area, this was the one incident in Kings County, and thankfully, the students are fine,” she said. 

Organizations: Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

Geographic location: Kentville, Kings

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Recent comments

  • Bus Driver
    February 07, 2014 - 12:13

    Give me a break. A bus stuck in a snow bank is not even news worthy let alone traumatic for the children. They probably thought it was funny. We are all professional drivers and if you can't drive with a little snow on the roads, you shouldn't be driving period.

  • Jaime
    February 06, 2014 - 20:17

    Thankfully the children were not hurt. Shame on you school board for even having school today. I found the roads very slippery this morning and to top it off school has been cancelled for less. Some commen sense might come in handy. Poor kids

  • bus driver
    February 06, 2014 - 18:35

    The trick to solving this would be to equip busses with winter tires and /chains...have you ever looked at the "slick" tread pattern on these vehicles. There's no excuse for something this size getting stuck in 4 inches of snow

  • Jillian Morine
    February 06, 2014 - 15:06

    As of 2:00 pm a lot of roads in North Kentville had still not been plowed since yesterday morning.

    • Tyra Innis-Harvie
      February 07, 2014 - 08:50

      As it turns out, at least one other King's County area bus was "rear-ended" in the Greenwood area, and further down in Nicteaux, a third was struck from behind, and though NOT all are actually in the "AVRS BOARD" is irrelevant: what is relevant is that is was unsafe for any student of ANY school board to travel in the area yesterday...... I believe there was sufficient cause to cancel ALL schools locally as the roads VERY near the Regional Hospital were NOT cleared of at least 17cm (6.5in) of loose snow until AFTER 11am. As I understand from multiple contacts with the Transportation department (ARVS) and the Bus service, decisions are made near 4am following confirmation from the DOT(NS transportation) that the "Valley floor"was cleared...(not mentioning concerns for "mountain"students on buses) Concerns for the safety of children NEED to come before a day of education: reduced class size often reduces the quality of teachings to "frees" or watching movies... When the bus driver uses their "discretion", parents MUST do the same: My children were kept safe at home instead of making the already excessive trek to Canning from Kentville and I feel that the recorded attendance for an individual student SHOULD NOT be negatively debited on their record or report on days drivers are "using discretion on back roads"etc...: Transportation spokesperson at AVRS suggests contacting the principal to have the attendance "adjusted"....I have done so, though I am highly doubting a principal has the jurisdiction to do this, and then would he do it only for those those who request it.?. I offered to be an "eye in the sky" and personally contact Nadine Evans, spokesperson of AVRS transportation department, at 4am with a report on the conditions in my area, near Kentville the NKEC district,however, my serious offer was not accepted, Nor was my suggestion that many parents do not complain as they "use the AVRS as a free day-care".... The issue of safety extends above the obvious physical injuries: to say that everyone is "OK" is a judgement call, and NO person can know today if any one child suffers emotionally from the stresses an fears of being involved in ANY incident OR "ACCIDENT" involving emergency personnel...and regardless of details , I was told there was NO "accident"...I am certain that these incidents were not INTENTIONAL, thus there WERE snow related school-bus ACCIDENTS yesterday.