Kings County year in review crossword

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1.Berwick is offering this service free downtown

2.County council has been brought to court for a judicial review by which councillor?

5.An American company wants to look at tidal power in this area. (2 Words)

9.Rescue teams were called to the Cornwallis River to rescue what animals?

11.Surname of new officer in charge of Kings RCMP

12.Berwick will offer this outdoor recreation option this year (2 Words)

13.This high school volleyball team had a record-setting game due to length

14.The Valley Midget Wildcats competed at this national event (2 Words)

15.This Canning man went missing in February 2013 (2 Words)

17.Last name of a North Alton resident who was the AUS Rookie of the Year in university football

20.Employees of this eatery won the lottery (2 Words)

22.Henry Dorey believes this area is a Mi’kmaq burial ground. (2 Words)

23.The mayor of this town was chosen Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities president

26.Farmers say this vegetable wasn't selling this year.

28.A suspicious package was left in Wolfville. What did it turn out to be?

30.She was named Queen Annapolisa (2 Words)

32.Part of this Kentville landmark was knocked down in March 2013

33.New name of the Western Kings Arena (3 Words)

35.This Acadia swimmer is currently number-one in CIS in the 200-meter breaststroke.

38.This group put on Alice in Pantoland recently

39.Name of the warehouse in Kingston destroyed by fire (2 Words)

42.A court challenge resulted in a byelection in two county ridings. This is one of them.

44.Winemaker nominated for environmental award

45.County residents can now keep this type of animal in urban areas

46.Last name of one of three Acadia hockey players who attended the Universiade

47.Breed of dog that died after being left in a car (3 Words)

49.Name of the new RCMP police pup

50.Last name of the new 14 Wing base commander

51.The first name of a little boy had a special birthday thanks to local police

52.He was chosen as deputy warden of the county recently

53.Members of the Greenwood Atom Bombers appeared on what show? (4 Words)

54.Artistic director of Two Planks and a Passion Theatre

55.This girls hockey team won the provincial Female Midget AA championship game (2 Words)


1.How did the Acadia men's basketball team get to the CIS nationals?

3.A recount was held in this Kings County riding

4.Which famous artist died in July?

6.This NKEC graduate is playing hockey for the Junior A Wildcats and also went to nationals with the baseball Wildcats (2 Words)

7.Two Port Williams sisters showed off their artistic skills by designing this

8.Wolfville saw this Canadian actor visit for Devour (2 Words)

10.Charges were laid in her murder

14.Charlie Aalders and Natalie Bowman got married at what unusual location? (2 Words)

16.This Berwick woman celebrated her 100th birthday (2 Words)

18.Adam Dorrance played this game at Sobeys recently

19.The Morse family of Centreville appeared on this show. (4 Words)

21.Name of one of the new lions at Oaklawn Farm Zoo

22.The Kings Citizens Committee wants what type of review?

24.It's been 25 years since this person went missing (2 Words)

25.Kings County was well-represented at this youth sporting event in August (2 Words)

27.New hockey team in the Valley (3 Words)

29.These groups celebrated a century in 2013 (2 Words)

30.This proposed development caused lots of controversy in Wolfville (3 Words)

31.Farm market that lost several baby bunnies to thieves

34.This Berwick celebration will move back to Labour Day in 2014 (2 Words)

36.She was reelected as chief of Annapolis Valley First Nations

37.This rink will have a chance to redeem themselves at the Scotties in 2014 after finishing second in 2013

40.A woman from this area ran an ultra marathon at Valley Harvest Marathon by mistake

41.One of the teams inducted into the NS sports hall of fame (2 Words)

43.Leo Glavine's new portfolio

47.Longtime Kentville business changed hands this summer

48.Kentville made the decision to cut staff in this department

Answer key is here.

Organizations: Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, RCMP, Passion Theatre Sobeys Oaklawn Farm Zoo Kings Citizens Committee Annapolis Valley First Nations Scotties

Geographic location: Kings, Wolfville, Kentville Acadia Cornwallis River North Alton Pantoland Kingston Port Williams

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