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More responses from the All Hands/Georgetown survey

Some 642 people responded to the Vanguard’s community survey, which was conducted in advance of last September’s, All Hands On Deck revitalization initiative, and in conjunction with Newspaper Atlantic’s Georgetown Conference (Oct. 3-5). The survey asked people to identify what they liked best about living in Yarmouth, what would most improve living in Yarmouth and what great idea they have seen working elsewhere. While the community waits for "our ship to come in" we will publish samples of the responses received. The following reflects the opinions of the individual respondents, run in the order received:


All hands on Deck


  • Walk in health clinics with actual doctors not just nurse practitioners that anyone can go to. Sobeys in Halifax even has a walk in clinic! Let business start up without so many by laws and restrictions within town limits!
  • The creation of an outlet town. Offer brand name outlets and make an Atlantic wonderland -- go big or stay home.
  • Attracting retirees to the area. They have millions and having them in the area would help bring money into the economy.
  • Digby is a great example. When I was young Yarmouth was considered way more interesting than Digby, but now they have the Wharf Rat Rally (tourism), a ferry, a nice downtown. All of these are things that Yarmouth once had or could have had. Why can't we clean up our downtown, market our town, and host events that bring the tourists here from everywhere?
  • We need to develop a major tourism attraction to complement the great work that has happened (and continues to happen) with our festivals, conferences and events. An attraction that is unique to Yarmouth and will draw people to the area.
  • Cape Breton. PEI. Moncton … all have attractions that people flock to. For example: water parks, golf courses with resorts, theme parks.
  • Build incentives for commercial investment, encouraging immigration by providing great supports
  • Tourist attractions - keep up the good work
  • Town pool
  • When you go to bigger cities you don't see garbage on the sidewalks or on the side of the road. Maybe that needs to be policed more and volunteers could pick up trash. I know I have picked up my share of trash on the sidewalk in Yarmouth.
  • Manufactured homes for export, like Interhabs in Hubbards
  • Public garden
  • If we do get a ferry next year we will have to get together as a community and work hard at getting Yarmouth back to the way it used to be when I was a little girl. Then, maybe my family could move back home from out west.
  • Bring back things to attract tourists back to this retirement town. We need something down here to bring the population back up or we're going to sink like a ship.
  • Andrews [Hockey Training] Camp in Charlottetown, PEI draws thousands and thousands of kids every summer and their families. If we build a facility, they will come!!
  • Create more recreational activities that will draw in people ... increase tourism ... we have nothing in this town that will draw the attention of tourism.
  • Businesses should open later on Main Street and there should be more tourist-focused businesses.
  • Make downtown affordable again :(
  • I was in Halls Harbour and they have really developed the natural attraction, with the inclusion of a full service restaurant and gift shops ... The same could be done with the Yarmouth Lighthouse.
  • Eco-tourism maybe, beautifying the town some and being more inviting
  • Say YES to industry that we know is profitable (aquaculture, mink farming, Michelin, etc)
  • Take a good look at the town of Kensington in PEI. It has a charm and community pride we could learn from, as well as a comprehensive set of bylaws for nuisance offenses to deter undesirable elements from taking up residence in the town limits. Yarmouth has become the welfare capital of southern NS, which is a rather dubious distinction. That needs to change.
  • Someone once mentioned having our own local money and calling it YarBucks... This would be a great way to keep the money local! They do something similar in Toronto already.
  • Money spent on making Yarmouth waterfront and downtown more attractive, no more building new buildings. Refurbish the beautiful buildings we already have, including schools.


Organizations: Sobeys, Say YES

Geographic location: Yarmouth, Georgetown, Halifax Cape Breton Moncton Hubbards Charlottetown Halls Harbour Kensington Southern NS Toronto

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Recent comments

  • Julia Bancroft
    December 29, 2013 - 15:19

    Re comment about profitable businesses such as aquaculture and mink in our area being encouraged. Does the commenter think tourists are interested in swimming in 10 polluted lakes, and the polluted arm of the Tusket River?? Perhaps dead zones in the ocean would be of about manure draining into lakes and stench for miles around...where is the prosperity for the community from these businesses, it is non existent. Tourism is worth hundreds of millions of dollars with profits for a broad spectrum of Nova Scotians and it benefits us all.

  • Lina Gilis Zatzman
    December 28, 2013 - 13:29

    Have a book of coupons for discounts at local businesses and restaurants, attractions etc. available on the Ferry , in the tourist office , the Ferry offices on both sides and in local hotels, motels and B&Bs.